Rebound Sex Happens In Real Life, Latest Research Proves

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Latest research proved the concept of rebound sex is not limited to movie plots but happens in real life.

So is it really a good way to move on from a past relationship by spending some intimate time with someone new? Huffington Post reported researchers from the University of Missouri gathered a total of 170 students who had a breakup. The study was called "Rebound Sex: Sexual Motives and Behaviors Following a Relationship Breakup."

Within eight months, all students involved were surveyed and interviewed and created journal entries on a weekly basis. Eventually, the study discovered almost one-third of the students went through revenge sex or what was more popularly called "rebound sex" within the first four weeks of their moving on phase from their last relationship.

On a specific note, the researchers found out those who were from longer relationships and those who were on the dumped side were those who got into rebound sex. It somehow turned out to be their means of coping with the stress and anger that they kept inside after being broken up with.

However, a good note that researchers shared to many was that rebound sex was not always helpful. "However, those who reported the use of sex to cope with or get over the relationship loss continued to have sex with new partners even after eight months suggests that, for at least these individuals, this behaviour signified a lack of recovery and an inability to move on," the researchers pointed out.

Lynne Cooper, one of the researchers and psychologist at the University of Missouri shared with Live Science Web site the topic of rebound sex is quite a phenomenon to consider especially when one would research it over at Google these days. Cooper also expressed her intention on expanding the research on rebound sex by also involving other age groups.

So how much do you think can rebound sex help in moving on from a past relationship? Is rebound sex good or bad?

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