Reasons Why People Think Real-Life Dolls, Valeria Lukyanova, Anastasyia Shpagina are Creepy [PHOTOS]

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Many are interested about the latest fashion surgery trends that Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasyia Shpagina made popular. But does this signal good influence or are just considered plain creepy?

1.       The amount of plastic surgery involved. Valeria and Anastasya did not just naturally inherit their doll-like features. It is obvious that they had undergone drastic amounts of plastic surgery to obtain their tiny waists, heart-shaped faces, and glassy eyes. For some, this amount of plastic surgery they went through just to have these looks is inhumane, and no sane human being would ever dare do it. Speaking of questioning their sanity...

2.       Many think they're "crazy" for wanting these looks. Although people like to look at them, the reactions they receive are always mixed and doubtful. Many fight for the advocacy of promoting natural beauty, and those people are offended with the way Valeria flaunts her synthetic body and face to the entire world, claiming that it is the idea of beauty.

3.       They look like "photoshopped" mascots, or cartoon characters. At one look, Valeria and Anastasyia look like a skilled digital artist manipulated their photos. But in reality, that's how they really appear: slim, and doll-like, as if they came out of a toy box.

4.       The way they pose on their photos. In some of her photos, Valeria Lukyanova seems like she is posing for some catalog, or a poster that has a doll in it. Considered as her main goal (which is to be seen and regarded as a doll), some find this to be quite scary and "not normal," especially with how she puts on skimpy clothes and make-up.

5.       They want too much attention. Some say that the reason behind their transformation is the hundreds of thousands of people and fans affirming their plastic surgery and aesthetic decisions. Wanting too much attention is never healthy, especially for those who somehow promote artificial beauty.

So what do you think, do you feel that t Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasyia Shpagina are creepy? Voice out your opinions in the comment section below.

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