Reasons Why Kristen Stewart Could be Pregnant with Robert Pattinson in Australia [PHOTOS]

Twilight Actress Kristen Stewart Reportedly Gets Pregnant with Robert Pattinson Now in Australia


Rumor has it that Twilight actress Kristen Stewart could be pregnant. Just like her character, Bella in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, Stewart is having Edward's baby, played by boyfriend Robert Pattinson now busy filming in Australia's outback. 

In Part 1 of the film, ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,’ Kristen said: “How long has it been since the wedding.” The sequence also had Robert Pattinson carefully and closely watching Kristen touching her belly, giving us viewers the hint of fear that she could be “having a vampire baby.”

Kristen could be saying those words if rumors of her being on the way is true. The couple have remained mum about it.

Instead of dealing with the reported pregnancy, Robert Pattinson has made himself busy working in his latest flick, “The Rover” and English actor is now in Australia for action sequences being shot at the West Australian outback.

Kristen for her part has been lurking in the LA home she shared with boyfriend, Rob. She avoids the scrutinizing lenses of the media. But the signs of pregnancy are too loud for Kristen to hide.

Critics are saying however, that the actions seen from Kristen Stewart speak louder than words. And here are the top reasons why Kristen Stewart could be pregnant:

1. She is very clingy to Robert Recent reports have it that Kristen had bombarded Robert with non-stop phone calls especially during Valentine’s Day - - a clear sign that the actress doesn’t want to be alone during the early stage of pregnancy and as she has always been wanting attention.

‘Stewart only got an engaged tone,’ a source told HollywoodLife, according to The Metro.

2. She can't go anywhere without Robert. As reported by IBTimes-AU, Kristen resorted to writing long love letters to Robert to keep the love alive and save the love they have, and what’s left of it. The “On the Road” star reportedly can’t go anywhere without her man. And since Robert will be in Australia for another three weeks, the actress has remained indoor in the company of their cat, dog and a lovely bear Robert has given her.

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3. She opted for less public appearances Since Rorbert Pattinson left for Australia in late January, Kristen Stewart decided there’s no reason for her to paint the town red and have a good time.

This could be the best way for Kristen to prove Rob, that “he is the one” contrary to earlier reports that Rupert Sanders could be pursuing her again following the love-rat director of “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Others see it also as Kristen hiding from the millions of public eye to keep the real state of her physical condition and avoid admitting that she’s having a baby.

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She was recently seen attending an Ellie Goulding concert in Los Angeles, a day before the Grammys 2013. This was the first Kristen went public again after Robert left for Australia.

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4. She has been sporting loose clothing From white sleeveless, top to covering herself with checkered jacket, Kristen has often been seen sporting loose clothing recently.

Another report said that she is busy working out while waiting for Rob, critics are claiming that she would dress down to hide ‘growing baby bump.”

5. She is on food-binge, reportedly loves cooking Like Jessica Simpson who admitted eating anything she wanted during her pregnancy with her first child - - and any pregnant woman on the way - - Kristen Stewart is reportedly loving food.

The “Speak” star had even spent Valentine’s Day cooking pasta with her Mom, Jules.

 “Lasagna cook-off this past weekend with Kristen — we had judges and everything — She won. Damn, that girl can cook! Love you babe,” Kristen’s mom was quoted as saying in a separate report by IBTimes –AU.

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There you have it millions of Tween fans. Do you think Kristen Stewart could really be pergnant? How do you think Robert Pattinson will take it? Tell us what you think.

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