Reasons iOS Users Should Shift to Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Reuters

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerful device that could be an iPhone alternative for 2014. With a larger screen, new software features, carrier support and some refinements, Samsung Galaxy S5 offers an exciting experience, which might entice iOS users to switch to the Android platform.

Galaxy S5 Camera

Camera is one of the bragging rights of Samsung Galaxy S5 with a myriad of modes and improved speed.  Samsung Galaxy S5 sports 16 MP sensor camera, which is twice the megapixels of iPhone 5s. But the Samsung flagship proves to be more than just megapixels.

Although iPhone 5s camera is extremely popular in capturing high-quality images like Panorama, Square and Slow Motion Video and Auto HDR, Samsung Galaxy S5 offers more modes and software features that can be seen on point-and-shoot or DSLR.

Health Features

Although iPhone 5s sports a M7 chip that can monitor movement and steps, Samsung sets the bar higher by having all the health features on Galaxy S5. The Android flagship has a pulse reader at the back and although there are apps that can do the same task with iPhone 5s, this is not the only thing that Galaxy S5 offers. It features the S Health which tracks personal fitness like heart rate, calories burned and steps to exercise among others.

Expandable Memory And Removable Battery

With the removable back of Samsung Galaxy S5, users can expand its memory and swap out a battery. iPhone requires a WiFi hard drive for more storage and battery case to get more power.

Design Improvements

Samsung Galaxy S5 is dust-proof and water-resistant without aesthetic sacrifices like its rugged counterparts. It can survive 30 minutes immersion in 1 meter of water, which means that it is safe to use in the kitchen, under the rain or inside the bathroom.

Although Galaxy S5 does not sport a premium metal chassis like iPhone 5s, it offers a better grip than its predecessors because of its textured back.

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