Reasons BBM a 'Better Option' Than iPhone And Android Apps

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Blackberry has lost its credibility with the launch of series of smartphones and related apps. But the Blackberry Messenger app managed to steal the show among other handsets.

Earlier, Messenger was only used in Blackberry devices. But currently it is open to all iOS and Android users.

According to a recent article at CrackBerry, Blackberry Messenger is considered successful as a chat app as compared to others.

1.   Know when messages are "delivered" and "read"

While chatting on various chat rooms, it is very important to know whether the messages are being delivered and read by the user. Whatsapp shows two kinds of ticks, a single tick and double tick. Most users think that double tick conveys that the reader has read the message. But actually, the single tick shows that the message has left the device and the double tick means it has reached the Whatsapp server. But in case of BBM, there are two options, "D" for delivered and "R" for read. The moment a message is sent, it will say "D" and once the end user reads the message, instantly it will say "R."

2.  Manage contact list

The chat apps available have the ability to fill the room with each and every contact in the Phonebook without giving a choice. But in case of BBM, a contact is added by sharing PIN with each other. Once the request is accepted, messages and files can be shared.

3.  BBM Channels

BBM Channel is accessible to only BBM users. It keeps up-to-date from personal channel accounts from friends and other top brands. It is a kind of social networking channel for these users who can like and comment on posts and interact with the Channel moderator.

4.   Share files with friends

All the chat apps have some degree of file sharing ability. But the difference is when Whatsapp undergoes a lot steps, for instance, to ultimately send a file. In case of BBM, from within a chat, by tapping the paperclip tab to the left of the chat box, there are only five options. One of the options is "Share," by tapping on this, you can instantly access the media gallery, calendar entries, contact sharing, location, files and Dropbox.

5.   Location sharing

By selecting the Glympse option in BBM, one can not only share the location with a friend but also view the location in real-time depending on the selected time.  

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