Realistic Google Nexus 5 Render is Virtually All-Screen on Front with Unibody Chassis & Powerful Components Inside

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With still no one to build it, the Google Nexus 5 is again rendered months prior to its rumoured October 2013 release date, showing off a seamless fusion of glass on the front-face and of metal that wraps its back and overlaps on the handset's edge.

The concept, courtesy of an unknown DeviantArt team member, according to, exudes device design continuity as the phone screen, made of Corning Glass 3, melds seamlessly with the aluminium body, creating an impressive illusion of a smartphone that is fashioned out from a single material.

Welds are hardly visible though the image clearly points to the marriage of high-end glass and aluminium materials, which indicate that the visualised Nexus 5 is of upscale class in terms of build quality and choice of parts.

The handset rests alongside an iPhone model, clearly defining that the battle it is waging later this year is chiefly against Apple. To be sure, the tech giant is reported all set to roll out its 2013 flagship, the iPhone 5S, on September 20.

And if speculations proved true, Google is matching that giant push with its Nexus 4 successor, which the render said is a quad-core Snapdragon 800 that plays in tandem with a 4GB of RAM to deliver fast and glitch-free computing tasks in a dynamo package that is expected to be light and thin.

The main snapper is thought by the design author to mirror Samsung's Galaxy S4 shooter at 13MP though on the software side, the unit will be governed by a stock Android, likely version 5.0 or Key Lime Pie as suggested in numerous reports touching on Nexus 5 rumours.

Everything that the Nexus 5 shooter produces can be stored on the built-in memory of either 16GB or 32GB with no slot for a microSD card.

It has a big battery at 3000mAh though not massive enough to exceed the ratings seen in most 2013 flagships like the GS4 and probably the Galaxy Note 3 after it.

The specs supplied are not complete so the void can be filled up using the details that reports said is mainly that of the LG G2, led by a phablet-size 5.2-inch screen with IPS LCD and a rear-button configuration that experts said will be absent in the actual Nexus 5.

As mentioned, Google has yet to say which manufacturer will handle its 2013 Nexus project but Android watchers have voiced out their picks - it is a toss between LG and Motorola Mobility with the former having the edge on the account of its Nexus 4 partnership with Google last year.

The Nexus 5 is believed set for a release date on the first week of October with the formal intro of the native Android gadget likely to happen on September 2013.

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