'Real World Ex-Plosion' Spoilers: Pregnant Lauren Out, Cory Becomes Single

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"Real World: Ex-Plosion" started airing back on Feb 19, continuing where the show left off with the cast members' exes moving in the house. Within the first few minutes of the show, Tom and Jamie already broke up. The former couple has been dating since Day 3 in the house, but the game changed when the exes showed up. Tom's ex, Hailey, thinks they could still have another chance, but Tom wants all the exes to just leave.

Meanwhile, Lauren finds out she is pregnant, but while she and Cory have been trying to rekindle their romance together, the pregnancy test came only 6 days after Lauren arrived at the house. It is impossible that the child is Cory's. "It was life-changing, but there was a lot of personal growth.... After loving somebody for so long and finding out that she's pregnant by somebody else, it was tough," said Cory, who did not take it very well. He was immediately on the defensive and cannot even bring himself to console Lauren. "Why would I be there for you?," he asks.

Lauren will leave the show for the rest of the season to be with her friends and family. It now leaves Cory as the only cast member on the show without a partner or ex. "Now that Lauren's gone, I basically just become the peace maker. I'm the single one in the house now. Everyone else has somebody else, some kind of a relationship. It's me, by myself, and that's kind of why I came on the show, to do me," Cory said.

Jenny's ex, on the other hand, tries to show her his affection, while Jay gets smothered by his ex-girlfriend, Jenna. It appears that the only rational couple currently in the house is Arielle and her ex, Ashley. Arielle found articles online speculating that she is "transgendered" and brought a group of her LGBTQ friends to have an educational talk with her housemates about what it really means to be a transgender.

What comes next on "The Real World: Ex-Plosion?" Arielle described it to have: "More sex toys. Possibly. Naked women. More bear suits."

"The Real World Ex-Plosion" airs every Wednesday at 10:00 pm E.T. on MTV.

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