Real Life Mermaid Swims in Paris: Viewers Amazed (Watch Video)

The Act Has Been Put up to Educate the Viewers About the Preservation of Marine Life
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Mermaid swims in a tank
A woman dressed as a mermaid swims in a tank during “Spirits of Tampa,” an event held for participants of the Republican National Convention at the Florida Aquarium. [REUTERS/Eric Thayer, August 27, 2012] Reuters

The Aquarium of Paris came up with an innovative idea to get children to learn and preserve the environment. A project has been launched at the main aquarium in the capital city of France, wherein children and adults alike can get a close look at a living mermaid that swims right before their eyes.

This is not a real mermaid though. A science student donned in a full mermaid attire dives into the water along with eagle rays and groupers.

Parisians are flocking to the museum to have an up close look at the mermaid in the show.

Claire Baudet known as "Claire la Sirene" dives down to swim along with the tropical fish leaving children and adults amazed. A soothing music is played in the background to enhance the experience. Since the show requires Baudet to stay under water for a long period, she has undergone training to hold her breath. Claire Baudet is given the title of a "professional mermaid."

 "I love everything fantastical and magical, and all the creatures that come from the imagination," said Baudet, a student of "Information and Communication," at the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Baudet has lived by the sea all her life and loves the water. For the show,she trained to hold her breath for a long time.

The assistant director of the Paris Aquarium, Mathieu Pitou said that it is an educational approach to learning and having fun. Both children as well as adults are surprised by the experience. Everything associated with these mystical underwater creatures were combined to make this unusual experience all the more exciting. "There's also a message behind it, a message about protecting the ocean's wildlife," he added

They sought to educate the viewers about preserving the ocean. The marine life is under great threat and awareness regarding the issue is extremely essential. The aquarium took up this grave matter and portrayed it in a friendly, entertaining and unusual manner. The officials at the aquarium also pointed that, though it is an amusing act that is grabbing everyone's attention, there is deeper and a much more important message to it.

The magical performance has left the masses amazed and impressed. The visitors, both young and old thoroughly enjoyed the mermaid act.

Claire Baudet will be performing in Paris until August 22. Huge crowds are expected in the coming days.

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