'Real Housewives of New York" Premiere Recap, Speculations: Everyone Still Hates Aviva, New Housewife Kristin to Befriend Her ?

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Real Housewives of New York is back and there are a lot of new things to look forward in the show. First off, meet the new housewife Kristin Taekman. Kristin hates being a mother, hates her husband and is unabashed about her love for Elvis Presley. Kristin is one of those wives who speaks her mind and is sensible enough to keep good companions like Brandi Glanville.

Now coming to the wife who is most hated in the season premiere and it is none other than Aviva Drescher. In the last season of RHONY she has had uncountable meltdowns and she ended up making more enemies then friends due to her reckless behavior. The only friend Aviva has is Heather Thomson.

Heather is planning to throw a party, which will bring all the housewives together. The party will also bring all the wives in confrontation with Aviva. And only the thought of meeting Aviva makes other housewives perturbed.

Sonja has a new man in her life who is half her age and as Heather's party begin, everyone waits in anticipation for Aviva's arrival. As Aviva makes an entrance no one speaks a word and it is she who starts complimenting everyone and even blows kisses in the air as if nothing at all happened in the last season.

Kristin, the new housewife, steals everyone's attention for being pretty and new in the clan.  Ramona tells Kristin how terrible Aviva is. Later in the party, Aviva comes to Ramona and offers her a hug with a wish to start their friendship anew. However, Ramona pushes her away and calls her vicious.

Sonja's house is in shambles and when Kristin arrives at her place for coffee she is terrified to see the state of her house. As they sip coffee, Ramona asks Sonja whether she should meet Aviva for drinks, and Sonja advises her to go ahead with the meet.

Kristin then meets her husband for a date and takes out her frustration on him for being late. Ramona finally meets Aviva for a drink and they end the first episode by cheering with tequila shots.

What do you think will happen in Edpisode 2-- will Aviva try to get friendly with Kristin? will Ramon and Aviva bury the hatchet? will Sonja's house come in better shape?

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