'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Fight Between Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump Deleted And to be Aired, Cast Threaten to Quit

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A scene showing a brutal confrontation between Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump in a trailer promo of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" curiously did not make it on the episode itself. According to Radar Online, RHOBV fans have been questioning why their most anticipated scene where Glanville called the British restaurateur a "b*tch" was not shown on TV.

"I know you are the chess player of all time but I just checkmated you, b*tch," Glanville told Vanderpump. Much to the fans' disappointment, Bravo TV did not air the clip. The series veteran star also addressed it on her blog, writing: "After an arduous two and a half hours at the final party, half an hour trying to reason with Brandi (much of which you did not see, including her yelling "I checkmated you b*tch."), it was all just too much." It is possible that viewers could still see the scene because the season is not over yet and two episodes are still set to air. "Producers are notorious for saving wild clips to air just to create even more drama," a source told Radar.

Producers are also figuring out what direction they would take for the show, especially that the drama and fights surrounding the cast on season four were epic with 53-year-old Lisa Vanderpump screaming against 41-year-old Brandi Glanville, who has made racists comments as well. 50-year-old Yolanda Foster also makes her own cold-blooded jabs.

"Everything is falling apart behind the scenes," an insider revealed to Radar. "They want the controversial people to come back because ratings were pretty good but everyone hates all of the women! The producers do not know what to do now or where to go next season."

Fans have already made a petition to remove Brandi Glanville from the show and thought it was pretty harmless, according to the source it certainly caught the attention of producers who are now wondering if these fights are all really worth it. "They are asking themselves, do we keep people around that say such terrible things?" the source continued.

There have already been talks about RHOBV season five but none of the veteran stars have signed on it yet. Vanderpump has expressed her thoughts of walking away because of how Glanville attacked her on and off camera.

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