'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Phaedra Parks' Husband Apollo Nida Cheated With Another Woman on Valentine's Day?

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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida allegedly cheated on her following his arrest for identity theft and other criminal charges. Nida was reportedly away from his wife on Valentine's Day, spending most of his day in South Carolina at a popular night club named Palace 2. The couple may actually be going through a rough patch in their marriage at this time, if Phaedra is truly the mastermind of his fraud schemes and getting away with it.

At around 10:30 in the evening of Valentine's Day, Nida posted on Twitter: "I am here, Columbia SC Let us Go!!! Palace 2." However, the comments of this post suggest that Nida did not only stop by Palace 2. "Thanks. Had a great night chilling with you and bro at Mobay (bar and restaurant) and Palace," a gorgeous brunette with the handle @audigirl23 commented on his page the following day. Fans also posted on Twitter, saying they saw Nida leaving the night club with another woman who was not Phaedra.

It seems that his short trip to Carolina was not only for business but also for some pleasure. "I think I saw you at Urban Nirvana Spa today while I was at Starbucks. Too bad you were not with Phaedra but that other woman," another brunette with the handle @rachelraad tweeted.

Another Columbia native on Instagram with the handle @luv_nicole posted intimate photos of her and the RHOA star on Saturday morning, saying "Apollo was so nice." The photo showed her legs wrapped around Nida. "Idk why he tried to pick me up tho." At 1:44 A.M. she gushed on Twitter, "Apollo is fine as f**k in person."

Phaedra Parks was in New Orleans at the time, getting ready for several book signing schedules for her advice guide entitled "Secrets of the Southern Belle." The news of her husband cheating while she was away is not new to her. In 2012, there were rumours that Nida hooked up with a woman at an Atlanta Holiday Inn. The woman even saved the receipt to prove that the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star really paid for their stay.

Both Parks and Nida still say their marriage is strong amidst his criminal charges, with the latter saying they will never separate.

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