'Real Housewives Of Atlanta': Is Kenya Moore Leaving the Show Because of Charity Scam?

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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore has revealed that she is sick of the show's cattiness and that she might soon be over the drama for good. The former Miss U.S.A. has remained strong but says her frustration forces her to leave and contemplate whether she would still come back to the show for another season or not.

"If Bravo asked me to come back, I would really have to think about it. Right at this moment, it is a very tough question," Moore told OK! Magazine. Moore has recently been at the receiving end of attacks from the group. She has been at the center of many issues this season. In one episode, NeNe Leakes held an adult slumber party for the group and during the party, Kenya and guest Christopher Williams got into a screaming fight while other guests got in a major physical brawl.

On Feb. 16, Leakes lost her cool at a "Saving Our Daughters" charity event hosted by Moore. The 46-year-old "Glee" star made an awkward speech at the masquerade ball and has since apologized for her behavior but it seems Moore, who refuses to shrug it off, just had enough of it. "What is most disturbing than anything is NeNe's 'I am better and bigger than anyone' attitude," Moore said on her Bravo TV blog.

"She used to be a stripper with a few short-lived gigs in Hollywood granted to her by a man. My scoreboard says it makes her not on our level." She also said "money can't buy you class." Meanwhile, founder and CEO of Saving Our Daughters Curtis Benjamin accused Moore of failing to donate proceeds from the charity ball to the organization, which she quickly denied saying she spent over $10,000 to make the event successful along with a personal donation to add to the total amount collected.

Moore was upset because other RHOA cast members did not take her side and was not supportive enough during the fight. "I do not want you to take this the wrong way because I am nobody's victim and will never be. But at one point, you want people to put aside differences and back you up because it is the right thing to do," Moore said. "I will not shrink in the presence of anyone. If it is what they would want me to do so they can be more comfortable around me, it will not happen. You just have to be you and never shrink for anybody," she added.

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