Real Anime Girls Anastasiya Shpagina, Venus Angelic Paths Crossed in Poland [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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The paths of human dolls Anastasiya Shpagina and Venus Angelic crossed in Poland.

They spent a whole day together twirling and giggling with some of the gorgeous views on their background.

Despite the communication barrier, the two girls seemed to have fun together and were able to somehow understand each other. Anastasiya does not speak in English, but the two have a translator that helped them understand each other. Venus Angelic also said that they were able to understand each other because of their chemistry.

"Uhm, when we met we had  a lot of fun together, even though she doesn't speak English! >< We had a translator though, huh! And we could somehow understand us well because the chemistry worked, too, hehe! She's very nice, friendly and polite, a bit shy but sometimes not so shy hehe! And a sweetheart darling <3333," Venus posted on her Tumblr account.

15-year-old Venus Palermo also known as Venus Angelic becomes an internet sensation early this year by looking like a doll. Her huge eyes, porcelain skin and costumes made her look like a human doll.

However, Venus share tips to her fans and followers on how to look like her or how to look like a doll. She has 78 videos on her official YouTube page - ranging from makeup tutorials and nail art to dancing and cosplay. However, the most popular videos are her makeup tutorials, in which she teaches viewers how to use cosmetics to transform into a doll.

Her YouTube videos have garnered over 5 million and over 18,000 subscribers. She even has her own Facebook fan club with over 5,000 fans.

Venus lived in Japan for a few years and Japanese anime culture influenced her fashion style. Since then, Venus started copying looks of anime female characters. She like to frilly clothes. She was often seen photographed a maid outfit, which is similar to what French maids wear in maid cafes in Japan.

Anastasiya Shpagina or also known as Fukkacumi is a Ukranian native who gained attention recently because of her freaky image that seemed to come from the pages of a Japanese manga. She is friends with another human doll, Valeria Lukyanova.

However, apart from the admiration for their appearance, the girls also received criticisms about their health because of their miniature bodies. Moreover, they are criticized for undergoing surgery to achieve their looks. For example, Anastasiya said that she would like to undergo a surgery to further decrease the size of her waist.

Many are also concerned that these living dolls may transcend the wrong message to young girls that surgery is the essence of good looks.

Watch the video below and see the slideshow of real anime girls Anastasiya Shpagina and Venus Angelic in Krakow, Poland. 

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