Reading Festival Approaches, Tesco Gears Up With Vodka And Jagermeister

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A Tesco branch in Portman Road, 15 minutes away from the site of the Reading Festival, is preparing for the coming festivities by stocking up on booze, replacing fruits and vegetables.

Photos have circulated showing the vegetable and fruit aisles in the local branch are now stocked with bottles of vodka, Jagermeister and boxes of cider. Getreading reports the preparation is done in anticipation of the 35,000 people who come to the store daily, some of which will buy alcohol, according to a Tesco spokesperson.

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"This is the biggest weekend of the year for our Reading West store - bigger than Christmas - and we work really hard to make sure festival goers can get everything they need, including food, wellies and even tents," the spokesperson said.

"The store is chaos during the festival, and if it's wet, it gets really trashed too," local resident Timothy Jeffcoat also told The Independent. He said salad baskets are now filled with Jagermeister and potatoes have been replaced with bottles of vodka.

The spokesperson claimed the previous years proved "just how important the store is to those attending the festival." The store will reportedly also stock on beddings and other regular items customers buy for their "normal weekly" shopping.

Aside from alcohol, the Tesco branch also anticipates to sell around 30 pallets of tents for revelers who, according to the representative, "come to the festival without a tent."

The local branch has also allocated an area for its "festival shop" where it will play music and hold events from Wednesday onwards to celebrate the festival.

The Reading Festival celebration officially starts on Friday, according to The Independent. Famous bands such as Blink 182, Artic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age will hit the main stage. Other bands expected to join includes Paramore, Disclosure, Bombay Bicycle Club, Kwabs, Jungle and more, Telegraph UK reports.

Aside from the music festivities, campers can also enjoy watching films which will be played until 4:00 in the morning.

Revelers can start setting up their tents on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. before the general camping opening at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday. The Reading Festival is, however, expected to be a muddy one this year. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are expected to be rainy based on initial weather forecasts.

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