Razzie Awards, Complete List of Worsts from 'After Earth' to 'Movie 43'

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The Oscar fever is running high but there is an award that most celebrities and filmmakers would not want to be in and that's the Razzie Awards. It seems that the 34th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards are extra generous for the movies "After Earth" and "Movie 43" since most of the awards were given to the actors and filmmakers of the said movies, according to the Us Magazine. The two movies have been given bad reviews by various critics wherein these two movies also didn't fare well with the box office numbers.

Those who are voting for the worst movies of the year are the people who have signed up at the Razzies.com and have passed the requirements for the membership. The list of the men and women who are included are determined by counting all the ballots passed by the voters. The Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Director went to "Movie 43,"as reported by the Daily Mail.

On the other hand, there are several awards that were also given to "After Earth" such as Worst Actor for Jaden Smith and Worst Supporting for his father, Will Smith. The two Smiths were considered as the Worst Screen Combo also in the said movie. This is the second movie that the two have starred in but the difference is that the first one was a hit while the latter was a complete disaster.

The Worst Remake was given to "The Lone Ranger" which was only a tad higher than the two previous movies in terms of critics review. If it wasn't even bad enough that the film was not able to reach expectations, it was even included in the Razzies.

Actor and director Tyler Perry was also given the Worst Actress for being in drag while performing in "A Madea Christmas." Reality star Kim Kardashian was also given an award as Worst Supporting Actress for her role in "Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confession of a Marriage Counselor".

Razzies are given the night before the Oscars but the nominees are announced weeks before the awards night. Most stars that are given an award do not show up to get it though.

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