Rat on Train Youtube Video Goes Viral

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Hysterical commuters have scurried about when a huge rat joined them in a ride on a subway train in New York. The chaotic scene was caught on video and uploaded on Youtube.

For less than a week, the video lasted 2.39 minutes long has earned almost 1.6 million views and 4,000 likes. Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader, video owner, was one of the passengers aboard the train from Fulton Street Station in Brooklyn going to Manhattan in early Monday morning.

The subway commuters should have been familiar with the existence of rats in a large city like New York. But the video showed how city people react to the presence of the humble beast. Surprised passengers could be heard shouting, laughing or crying.

Some passengers lifted their legs to avoid the huge rat. Some also stood on their seats to escape. They kept looking for the rat which quickly ran back and forth on the floor.

In the caption, the 28-year-old software developer from Harrison, New Jersey said a passenger who got off from the train shouted "Rat on the train!" then the door closed for the ride.

When the passengers realized what happened, the train was cruising already the tunnel below the East River. The big rodent stayed with them for the duration of the ride though it wasn't clear where did it got off.

In a NY Daily News report, Kader said his normal boring ride on Monday mornings brightened up with the incident. He revealed the presence of the rat did not disturb him at all but he was astonished at the other passengers' reaction.

He remained steadfast on his feet and when he got off at the High Street station, half of the commuters disembarked with him from the train.

New York riders on passenger trains have one in 10 chances of spotting a rat on subway station platforms, according to the Straphanger's Campaign. There are less garbage bags on platforms which are good breeding ground for rats. Surely, this viral video is the 10 percent chance.

Watch the video from Youtube.

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