Rare White Wombat Rescued in Australia


A rare type of white wombat, rescued in Ceduna, Australia, was able to recover and regain its health back. The baby wombat was found a month ago near the town. He was alone and in a very poor condition – exhausted, dehydrated, and almost dying.

Wildlife rescuer Val Salmon took care of the rare type of southern hairy nose wombat. He was named Polar because he looks more like a polar bear than an actual wombat.

Salmon has been rescuing and taking care of wombats for about 4 decade.

“I’ve been looking after wombats for nearly 40 years, and he’s the third white one that’s come into my care. And, yes, he’s very rare,” according to Salmon when she was interviewed by the local media.

Polar was really ill when he was found but after a month, Salmon was able to take care of him well and bring him back to his normal phase.

"He's going to be used for educational purposes, maybe in a breeding program later on," says Salmon to Yahoo News Australia.

"But at this stage, we just want to get him nice and fit and healthy."

A typical wombat can be silver-grey, glossy black, dark-grey, grey-brown, chocolate brown, or cream. And wombats with white coats are the rarest. There are also some cases of albinism reported in wombats.

But from his appearance, Polar is not an albino but a rare type of white wombat.

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