Rare Pics of Harry Styles with First Love Abigail Crawshaw at Age 12! Cuteness Overload? [SEE PICS]

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This is definitely an overload of cuteness. One Direction star Harry Styles was in love with a girl named Abigail Crawshaw when he was just 12-years old. The two were cute together and shared a great bond as teenagers. One Twitter user named 1Dpaparazzis has posted several personal pictures of the singer with Crawshaw from the time they were kids and partied together in a sweet way. Check out the account here.

One picture shows a short-haired teenage Harry Styles posing with his childhood sweetheart on the grass. Harry is seen wearing a purple hooded sweatshirt and looks really cute as an adorable kid. See picture here.

Other picture shows Harry sharing a cozy meal with Abigail as the two are sitting in a restaurant. You can see the photograph here. The two appear to be thick buddies and had good fun with the group of friends. Abigail has known Harry since the two were in school and you will be surprised to know that these two good looking people are still in touch. The Twitter user has even posted the picture of a present Harry with the beautiful Abigail. See here.

"AUWW SHES SOO PRETTYYYY," writes a Twitter user Liam Payne.

"THEYRE SO HOT WOW," writes yet another Twitter user zaynfan.

"Harry should start dating Abigail again. They look great together," writes another fan of both on Twitter.

Their recent picture is dated back to March 2013. Despite the fame Harry has received over the years, the two are still good friends and continue to stay in touch. But before you start imagining in a different direction, we would like to inform you that the beautiful lady is hooked and already has a boyfriend.

Though the two look great together and fans want Abigail and Harry to date again, the two have moved on with their lives. Harry is rumoured to be dating Kendall Jenner and was even spotted with her dad. The two are spending a good amount of time together and Harry flew from London just to spend the night with his lady love. 

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