Rapper Mike WiLL Made It Calls Miley Cyrus "The Next Madonna" [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


Rapper Mike WiLL Made It is all praises for Miley Cyrus as an artist and calls her the next Madonna. The Atlanta-based record producer, who has released his latest single"23," a song that features appearances from Miley Cyrus, Juicy J, and Wiz Khalifa, says it's not the people that ridicule Miley but the media.

"People are going to hate. A lot of times, it's the media that is hating and not the real people, the real people are saying, "What's the big deal?," the rapper told Complex Media in an interview. He further added that anything Miley does becomes news because she is a successful arist.

"Anything she does, if she claps her hands three times they will say, "Oh man, why didn't she clap four times?" If she came out to the VMAs and she wasn't twerking and she wasn't doing all that, everybody would've said, "Oh she was supposed to twerk why didn't she twerk. She's not real." They would shoot her down regardless because she is successful," Mike said.

The rapper seems to understanding Miley to quite an extent as he is of the opinion that Miley should not be equated with her Hannah Montana image from Disney. The real Miley is what people see now and not the one that they saw on TV.

"When you are successful you get people to talk, and when people watch you grow up and play a role on Disney, they are going to put her in that box and stay in that box. She's not that character, she's herself. It is what it is. Its part of the world and country we live in," the rapper said.

Listen to Miley Cyrus rapping in "23"

Source: You Tube.com/teammileycurusworld

The "We Can't Stop" singer rapped along with Mike and other artists in the new single "23."So when the first time Mike realised that Miley Cyrus could rap?

Mike reveals that it happened during the shooting of "We Can't Stop" when Miley said she could "pull it off" and did it the very first time she tried it.

"We did that at the same time we did "We Can't Stop." I think we did it the same day. I let her hear it and she said, "I can pull that off." I said, "Yeah right" and she said, "I can, for real." She went and knocked it out," the rapped said.

Mike went ahead and compared Miley to none other than pop diva Madonna and said the singer is on that path. "I'm 24, she's 20, we have a long way to go. I feel like she's the next Madonna for real. Madonna is 55? So she's got 35 years to put in work," he added.

The rapper, who has been instrumental in shaping Miley Cyrus' career as he worked on her "We Can't Stop" single too is now signed to Interscope Records and has his own label, Eardrumma Records.

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