Rapper Christ Bearer Alias Andre Johnson of Northstar Butchers His Own Private Part, Jumps off the Balcony: Suicide or Foul Play?

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This is nothing but bizarre. A latest report by TMZ confirms Christ Bearer, a member of the Northstar rap group, was the rapper who severed his own private part and jumped off the balcony. It was reported that Christ also known as Andre Johnson, a member of a rap group formed by members of the renowned Wu-Tang clan, was found on the sidewalk in a critical condition. Reportedly, he severed his own private part and attempted suicide. He was rushed to the hospital in a bad condition. Reports about his health were still unknown.

Members of the rap group talked to TMZ and told that they were present early in the morning when Christ, without warning, butchered his own penis and jumped off his house balcony. Northstar members confirmed that that they were not on heavy drugs that would result in something as bizarre as this.

The members said that everything happened too quickly. By the time they rushed downstairs, Christ Bearer was already screaming in pain.

Earlier, it was reported that a rapper was taken to the hospital on Wednesday after he severed his own penis and then jumped off the second floor of the building. The Web site stated that police believed that it was a suicide attempt by the rapper.

A source told the Web site that they were summoned to a building in North Hollywood at midnight and found rapper Andre Johnson on the sidewalk in a critical condition.

Andre Johnson who is also popularly known as Andre Roxx is a part of the Killa Beez group which is a subgroup of Wu-Tang.

Christ was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in an ambulance. It is not known if doctors are planning to reattach the dismembered private part.

Wu-Tang clan is renowned hip-hop group that included rappers like RZA, GZA and Method Man.

According to Gawker, Andre Johnson is Christ Bearer, also Discogs names Christ Bearer as Andre Johnson. RZA discovered Northstar comprising Meko and Christ Bearer outside a L.A. radio station back in 1998. 

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