Rangers Catch 3.7-m Monster Saltwater Crocodile Stalking Aussie Primary School Children

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Rangers have finally caught the 3.7-m monster saltwater crocodile which stalked Aussie primary school children every time the bell rang at Injinoo Junior Campus in Cape York, a small, remote school at the northern end of Queensland.

The beast called "Shorty" has the penchant for crawling from Cowal Creek bed adjacent to the Jardine River and peering through the school fence looking for his next victim from the 100 pupils of Injinoo Junior Campus.

According to an article from the Daily Mail, Ranger Coordinator Warren Strevens stated he was not surprised when he heard the animal was attracted to the sound of the ringing school bell. He believed Shorty's unwanted and prompt arrival at the school fence was because it was looking for meat and had associated the ringing school bell with it.

"I heard the story when we captured it ... but it didn't surprise anybody, he knew the habits of the school around bell time," Stevens said.

But Shorty can no longer attack any of the school children for the man-eater was already caught using a float trap. It took 3 days to lure the croc into the cage where a big piece of meat was waiting for it. When the beast took a bite at its dinner, the steel trap's door behind the croc closed. The 3.7-m-long monster was taken out of the water and was brought to an nearby crocodile breeding facility.

However, the rangers are still in the lookout for a bigger 4.5-m saltwater croc which have been pegged as the most wanted croc in the Queensland region.

According the spokesperson from the Department of Education, the school children have been advised to take "extra care around waterways" and "exercise crocwise behaviour at all times." There is a detailed list of croc savvy tips at the school to keep the school children from being victims of the man-eating beasts which commonly abound near the school.

"At no stage are students at the school in danger from crocodiles while they go about their daily routine at the school. The school grounds are separated from the creek by a public walkway and the school fence," said the spokesperson.

Earlier this month, BBC reported human remains were found from a 4.7-m long crocodile which was shot by park rangers. The remains have been DNA-tested to check if it matches with the missing 62-year-old man who was snatched from his boat in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

The Department of Environment stated saltwater crocodiles abound in the coastal waters, estuaries, freshwater sections of lakes, inland swamps and marshes in Australia. The monster crocs are distributed from Rockhampton in Queensland, coastal Northern Territory up to the King Sound near Broome in Western Australia.

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