‘Rake’ Season 3 Premiere Episode: Greene in Prison Surrounded by Lowest of the Lot [VIDEOS]

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The Season 3 of comedy-drama series, "Rake," is set to premiere this Sunday, February 09, 2014, on ABC. It is time for fans of Cleaver Greene to see his return not as a lawyer but as a prisoner. This defender of guilty will find himself surrounded by enemies and friends in the prison. His enemies are no longer the people in the top echelons of the society, but they are the "lowest of the lot."

In one of the teasers of the new season, Greene's voiceover says "I've built a career on keeping people out of here [prison]. The crooks, the scoundrels, societies' low-lives -- Oh! How things have changed."


The self-destructive lawyer could not keep himself out of the prison. However it looks like, he has company because of a corruption scandal. Greene's former colleagues from Macquaire Street and the bench could also be seen cooling their heels inside the prison.


The spoilers of the new season suggest that Greene's cell-mate is a murder convict and he is more than just a friend. He will be keeping a watch on Greene's back. Greene will not only have to watch out for possible attacks on his, but also protect his friends. It looks like Greene will also have to beat an appeals bench that wants to intentionally keep him inside the prison, permanently.

 Meanwhile, Wendy will decide to move on and begin a new chapter of her life with Roger. Greene's son Fuzz will be planning something with his girl-friend, Tara, a staunch Christian. This might take him far away from his father, both "physically and morally."

Greene's clients and assistant, Nicole, look like are associated with Scarlet. According to spoilers, "Scarlet, Barney and Nicole have formed an uneasy ménage, locked together by a challenge in Barney's life that would rock Cleaver to the core -- if he knew."

Also in the upcoming season, the movie based on Missy's biopic will be release, which will have a "surprising casting" choice. According to the spoiler, it is something that Greene is better off not knowing.

The spoiler says that if Greene is aware about the "avalanche of disasters" that his nearest and dearest people are going to face, "he would probably prefer to stay inside."

Official ABC Episode 1 Season 3 Synopsis of "Rake": "Cleaver Greene languishes in prison surrounded by enemies and friends. Many former colleagues from Macquarie St and the bench are also inside, courtesy of corruption scandals."

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