Radio Broadcasters Apologise For Fabricating False Story of Gay Couple Bashing on Air

By @snksounak on

Two radio hosts from New York area admitted to fabricating a fictitious parent note that claimed chastising a gay couple over the birthday invitation of their child. The lie apparently grew up to have a "life of its own" as the broadcasters confessed that they had continued with the lie which was their brainchild.

Leeana Karlson and Steve Harper work for the pop music station of Long Island, WKJY aka K-98.3. They apologised on the Web site of the radio station for exploiting an utter lie. They wrote that the story was "totally fictitious" as they claimed that the incident had taken place with the knowledge of the ownership or the management of the station - Toronto Sun reported.

The discussion on the note took place on Wednesday in the morning show when the radio host-duo talked about a note on the Facebook page of the radio station - as reported by The Advocate. The note was apparently from a mother who wrote a gay couple, informing them that her son would not attend the birthday ceremony of their daughter since she did not endorse the kind of life they live. She was also not willing to get her son influenced by them, according to the note.

The note, which created outrage in the cyber community for all possible reasons, has now turned out to be fake. The note has also been removed from the Facebook page. The broadcasters claimed that their intention was to get people engaged in a "healthy discourse" about a topic which drew high passion for many. On the other hand, they apologised for perpetuating the "falsehood."

In "A Message From Steve & Leeana" on the Web site of the radio station, the broadcasters clearly admit that it was their idea to post the photo of the invitation card on the Facebook page. Additionally, they also invited comments from the followers. Ms Karlson and Mr Harper also admitted that they had made a mistake by misguiding the listeners into believing that it was a real incident.

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