R. Kelly Continues to Give Cold Shoulder to His Transgender Son

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Famous hiphop artist R.Kelly had not yet made an effort to reach out to his transgender son.

Thirteen-year old Jay, who was once Jaya, came out of his closet and admitted that he wanted his female gender to be changed as male. He knew about this desire since he was six or eight years old. He identified himself as a male since. He also wanted to undergo a surgery but was too young to do so. He was still waiting for the right time to change his gender.

Jay's mother, Andrea Kelly, also a star of "Hollywood Exes" knew about it for a year and has been supportive for him. His sister was also supportive, calling him "handsome" and "little brother." His friends and family have shown their love for Jay especially during the times where he had come out. R. Kelly on the other hand, has not yet talked to him.

The hiphop artist and Jay's mother got divorced in 2009. Since Jay's admission to his sexual preference, rumours started to claim that it was due to such divorce that caused Jay to be transgender. But, it was just a rumour; Jay wanted to be a real man since he was a child. He even said that R. Kelly was not close with them prior to his gender revelation.

The media have shown their respect to Jay's gender preference by addressing him as "he" and "him." Twitter followers also made shout-outs to R.Kelly saying that he should talk to his son and were also respectful about his decision to come out. He was also gracious and courageous to talk to users of his Ask.fm account about his admission for being a transgender.

People who are transgender identify themselves as the opposite sex. Because of such identification, they dress and behave like the opposite gender. For example, Jay was born a female but categorizes himself as a male. Thus, he calls himself Jay instead of Jaya. Some of the famous people who are transgender are: Lana Wachowski of Wachowski siblings who directed "V for Vendetta," and Isis King who participated in "America's Next Top Model."

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