QuizUp, the iOS Knockout App: Making its Android Debut

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QuizUp, one of world's largest smash-hit trivia apps for iOS, has now been introduced to Android. It is available as freeware on the 'Google Play Store'. As per reports, the user base continues to grow at an exceptional rate.  Also the app has enjoyed the 'Numero Uno' spot in the 'Apple App Store'.

What is QuizUp?

QuizUp lets any user play against their friends and even strangers. The quizzes cover a wide range of topics from TV Shows, Movies, Books, Games etc. Using this app, one can test their knowledge in about 400 different topics including 200,000 questions and this list continues to grow every day.  QuizUp allows user to face-off with friends/strangers, chat with them, and get into discussions on almost any topic.

A single QuizUp game focuses on one particular topic and includes two players playing up to 7 rounds. Adding cherry on top, QuizUp gives more points for quick response.

According to Thor Fridriksson, Founder and CEO, users spend an average of 40 minutes per day in the app. Also QuizUp passed the litmus test of reaching 1 million registered users in a spectacular way within 7 days of its debut.

How does the future look like for QuizUp?

Currently, QuizUp is working on expanding their territory and adding new and interesting features. They are also trying to make winners feel special by bringing in new levels/grades to 'up' the game.

How is QuizUp different from any other Trivia App?

Concoction of Gaming and Social Networking: Other than the ability to quiz friends and strangers, the users can engage in chatting with each other and also can post on the discussion boards. This gives the feel of a Social Networking Platform built over a gaming foundation.

Educational & Entertaining: The topics covered are not just entertaining but educational too. At any given day, one can see discussions going on the topics taught in school or about GMAT, SAT etc - This way bringing a whole new dimension to 'learning while getting entertained'.

Engaging Users: QuizUp asked their users to come up with trivia suggestions. There are about nearly 40,000 people applied to become "Content Contributors".  This is an amazing way to encourage users to be a part of the app, not just as users.

Going Unconventional: Their topics are not categorized in a broad or generic sense. Instead, they dig deeper to get to the specifics to give more meaningful and in-depth topics to the user. This way, capturing the niche audiences.

The other good thing: The 'user experience' on Android is almost similar to that of iOS.

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