Quick Tips on Buying a new TV Set for the Holidays

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Considering a new television to buy for the holidays? Experts said the best ally you can get is waiting for the most suitable deal for your budget to materialise and determine what you need and what you don't. 

A check on JB Hi-Fi's web site shows that popular brands LG and Samsung offer discounts that go as high as $300 for TV screens that stretch 47-inch, with all the prevailing bells and whistles such as faster refresh rate, HD rendition and internet connectivity.

TV reviewers, however, are in agreement that TV prices will definitely drop after the holidays when physical and online store traffics are expected to dramatically decline, prompting retailers to mark down in order to sustain movement of their inventories.

That should mean a waiting-game that could last four weeks at least but for those unwilling to stall that long, they need to make sure of relishing the best buy out there in terms of really enjoyable features, thus extending their monies' worth.

To simplify the hunt, buyers need to focus on real-world performance that their target TVs are actually capable of regardless of the brand or deals that are thrown in with the product, according to PC Magazine.

Sales associates would naturally want to impress would-be buyers with TV specs such as better refresh rate, viewing angle and contrast ratio, all of which, PC Mag said, are hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

So paying more cash for maxed up figures of these technical features doesn't make any sense if buyers would simply want to enjoy straightforward DVD, BluRay or TV viewing, the tech publication said.

Also, buyers with existing laptops can forego the so-called Smart TVs if they wish to watch streaming clips on bigger screens. The cheaper alternative is hooking up the notebook, which of course can wirelessly connect to the net, with the TV set via HDMI, DVI or VGA connection.

These connectivity options, by the way, are normal options on the latest TV models and the only question is how efficient they deliver the images and the sounds from your lappy, a task that is best performed by HDMI.

So it pays to ensure, prior to actual purchase, that the TV set you're hauling back home comes with one or more HDMI port, especially if you are planning to use the unit for playing Black Ops 2 and other games on consoles such as PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360.

Users wanting to view images from flash drives need also to check for a USB port on TV set they are eyeing though this option has become a standard lately irrespective of brand choice.

Whether buyers are planning to use external speaker or not, having decent speakers built in with the TV is a must, experts said, which should prove more economical in the long-run by cutting down considerable power consumption.

And for maximum viewing pleasure, the choice between a glossy and a matte screen should also come into play. Most experts would prefer matte because they hate unnecessary reflections interfering with what the TV screen is beaming. In this department, the only advantage that glossy screens can be proud of is they're a sight to behold when not in use.

Finally, LED or Plasma? The latter, according to experts, is virtually unbeatable for movie viewing and is quite true when the unit is situated in a special room for such purpose, which should be darkened during movie time. LED is for general purpose viewing which naturally serves more array of use.

LED TVs are also more energy-efficient so for most buyers the choice is somewhat obvious but Plasma remains attractive to consumers gunning to replicate real-cinema viewing within the confines of their homes.

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