Queensland and Texas Become Sister States

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Rick Perry
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Queensland and Texas are now sisters. Premier Campbell Newman has met with Texas Governor Rick Perry to formalise a sister state agreement, strengthening the relationship between Australia’s Sunshine State and America’s Lone Star State.

The QLD government opened a North America Trade and Investment office in the Texan city of Houston, which would hopefully boost Queensland-U.S. trade relationship, valued at $6.4 billion.

“This new office is the beginning of a new era for the state’s business relationship with the U.S.,” Mr Newman said on Thursday.

“Texas shares many similarities with Queensland’s four pillar economy of resources agriculture, tourism, and construction industries – so the opportunities for increased trade are enormous.”

He further explained, “The opening of this office demonstrates the LNP Government’s commitment to further developing Queensland’s business links with the United States.

“We have taken the shackles off Trade and Investment Queensland by making it a statutory authority.

“In the 2012-13 financial year merchandise trade between Queensland and the U.S. was valued at $6.4 billion.”

Governor Perry, who had called the Premier “Cameron” Newman, also compared the two states, saying both have a “pioneer spirit.”

“The people of Texas are just like the people of Queensland,” he said. “They want a shot, they just want a shot at living their dreams, and Mr Premier, you and the leaders of Queensland and myself... have been able to put into place rules and regulations that have allowed our people to flourish.”

Mr Newman ends his U.S. trade mission Friday.

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