Queen Elizabeth Not Happy with Kate Middleton's Short Skirts? Passes Royal Diktat for Longer Hems, Tiaras and Royal Jewelry

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When Kate Middleton got married to Prince William, the royals got a breath of fresh air with the younger and more fashionable Kate. Kate became Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and was (and still is) applauded for her great sense of dressing, which includes some really high end dresses and some thigh high skirts. But it shall all change if Queen Elizabeth has her ways. The Queen is not so happy with Kate's modern dressing sense and has reportedly passed a strict royal verdict about her dress code for her forthcoming tour in Australia.

According to Daily Mail, Kate will have to ditch all the dresses with shorter hemlines and pack the ones which are slightly longer than she normally wears. The Queen has also ordered Kate to pack a lot of tiaras for her upcoming tour, the Web site says.  So you will see a lot of royal aura around Kate when she steps foot in Australia.

The Daily Mail is also reporting that Queen has tasked Angela Kelly, her very own personal dresser to help Kate prepare for the Aussie trip, according to Queen's guidelines. Kate's new dress code includes "lower hemlines," "tiaras favored by the Queen and Queen Mother," and "statement jewellery and gemstones from the Queen's personal collection," the Web site reports.

The mommy to baby George has however been given the freedom to customise the dresses from her favourite designers like Alexander McQueen and Alice Termperly. Kate will reportedly spend around four weeks in Australia and will be accompanied by her personal hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker on the trip. Are you ready to see a more "royal" look of Kate now?

The Duchess is currently holidaying sans Prince William in the Caribbean with baby George. It is the first holiday for Prince George and pictures of Kate holding her baby lovingly are being shown by various Web sites now. Kate is seen wearing a striped black and white t-shirt and blue/black bottoms while little George is seen dressed from head to toe in white-and-blue jumpsuit and a sun hat against the intense heat. Check the pictures here.

Meanwhile check out what Kate Middleton really likes to wear in the slideshow above. Do you like her dressing senses? 

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