Queen Elizabeth Gifts Whiskey to Pope Francis

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth With Pope Francis
Britain's Queen Elizabeth (L) shakes hands with Pope Francis during a meeting at the Vatican April 3, 2014. REUTERS/Osservatore Romano

It must have been a unique day in the life of Pope Francis as he met Queen Elizabeth II who brought whiskey for him. It was a royal meeting on Thursday, April 3, as the Queen came with Prince Philip to the Vatican.

The Queen also brought a jar of honey straight from her garden. She told Pope Francis that she hoped that honey made at the garden of the Buckingham Palace was an "unusual" gift for him. The pope, on the other hand, gave one stone orb topped with a sharp cross to the Queen; CBS News reported. It was a gift for the little Prince George who had recently been seen with her parent in an intimate photograph. The Queen said that the royal baby would realise the value of the gift after growing up "a little" and be "thrilled" to have such a gift.

The only English word the Argentine pontiff used during their meeting was "welcome." While he welcomed his guests in English, the rest of the conversation was held with the assistance of an interpreter. The Queen and her husband were 20 minutes late for the appointment. She told Pope Francis that they got late as they were having lunch with the Italian Head of State Giorgio Napolitano and his wife Cleo.

It was the first time the Supreme Governor of the Church of England met Pope Francis, CNN reported. The Queen's visit, on the other hand, marked her seventh visit with a pontiff. The meeting may end up being significant for international politics as well since Argentina has always had a not-so-friendly relation with Great Britain.

The Pope did look a bit stunned to see the Queen bringing Balmoral whiskey for him. The wicker basket, which was full of culinary delights, had 18 items in total. There were a dozen eggs as well in the basket. The Queen also brought "Grandad's chutney" and handmade soaps from Sandringham. The private meeting lasted for 17 minutes.

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