Queen Elizabeth Faced With Succession Issue Between Charles And Camilla or William And Kate

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Kate Middleton has long been labeled "Waity Katey" during her relationship with Prince William when the whole world was anticipating whether he would eventually propose. Someone else in the family has upstaged her as being the best at waiting as Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, are now withering while waiting for the throne.

Kate has long wed Prince William, become the Duchess of Cambridge and gave birth to a male heir. Things looked good for the Royal couple, except that, before they take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, William's father stands next in line.

Questions about the succession have been raised due to the recent abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain in favor of his son, Prince Felipe, 46. The King is now 75 and sees his son as being at his prime. Now is the best time to turnover the throne and not wait for him to "wither" like Prince Charles who is now 65. Queen Elizabeth is currently 88.

Lord John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister, has been vocal about his views that the Queen should turnover at least some of her responsibilities to Prince Charles such as next year's address to the Parliament.

Lord Prescott also used Pope Benedict XVI and the three European monarchs who have abdicated this year as examples of other successions that the Queen should consider to follow.

"Why not let Charles take more of the burden off her shoulders? In 2015, she could hand over the State Opening of Parliament to her son," he said.

 "When Pope Benedict XVI stood down last year he became Pope Emeritus. So why can't we have a Queen Emeritus? Elizabeth has given great service to this country. No one would think less of her if we allowed her to enjoy her remaining years with her grandchildren and great grandchildren as the Queen Mother," he concluded.

The Queen is advancing in years and the inevitable is bound to happen whether she chooses to do so willingly or through nature's own course. While Charles has the birthright, his blunders have caused much speculation that the Queen sees him unfit to rule especially with Camilla by his side.

Reports surfaced during Prince Geroge's Christening late last year that Camilla feels threatened by the birth of the new heir and been bullying Kate. Most recently, Prince Charles embarrassed the Royal family when reports came out he likened Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin to Hitler.

Kate and William have been taking on more royal responsibilities as a couple. The most recent was being on tour to Australia and New Zealand, which led to Kate's bare bottom scandal. It remains to be seen whether the Queen will eventually abdicate and who she will name as s successor or if she will let nature take its course and allow Prince Charles to eventually take his birthright.

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