Queen Elizabeth Bans Harry's Alleged Biological Father James Hewitt From Wedding With Cressida Bonas?

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Rumors about Prince Harry proposal to his girlfriend Cressida Bonas have been widely circulating online for sometime now but not yet been confirmed.

Prince Harry seems to take some customary steps before actually announcing his engagement to Bonas, who has not been formally introduced to Queen Elizabeth yet but already invited to spend time at Balmoral in the summer where she will meet the Queen.

According to sources, once the engagement announcement is done, there is a possibility that Prince Harry and Cressida will get married in the following Spring.

National Enquirer reported the Royal family is ensuring there is no scandal or drama that could potentially disrupt Harry's wedding. Princess Diana had admitted to a five-year extramarital affair with James Hewitt in the 1980s, indicating he could possibly be Harry's biological father.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there is an uncanny resemblance between James and Harry. Upon Queen Elizabeth's urging, Prince Harry has reportedly warned James to steer clear of his wedding plans. He admitted to all the scandals he's brought to the family and wanted to have a respectful occasion on his wedding day.

Cressida Bonas is also set to co-host a royal dinner this week that The Daily Mail already jumped to conclusions, saying "Now it is official!" Prince Harry will host an official dinner on Mar. 27 at St. James's Palace to honor the journeymen from the 208 mile Walking with the Wounded trek he finished this winter. She was given a "plus one" invite but she will not only be a guest, she will be the event's co-host.

Vanity Fair reported she sent an email to her best friend Hyacinth, which could give us an idea of her status in the Royal family really is, "HY, omfg this trip is freaking BANANAS. harry is being so g-d sweet, he like gave me the rest of his hot chocolate when he was done with it yesterday, and he was like "u want the rest babe?" that is some ryan gosling shit, u know???? The resort is so glam-no signs of borat yet tho!!!! lolol! Anywayyyyyyyy I don't think I can invite u to the big dinner thurs night bc harry is being weird abt me inviting anyone but I'll see u this wknd? Though I kiiind of want to keep the entire weekend open just in case kate texts me to hang out, you know? But if I don't hear from kate, we should def hang! Xoxoxoxooxox cressybaby." Do you think Prince Harry is really about to get engaged to Cressida Bonas?"

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