Quad-Core Motorola X-Phone Buzz: Set to Stand on Key Lime Pie with Starting Price Tag of $US299

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More clues came out that there is a Motorola X-Phone project, its existence allegedly confirmed by a LinkedIn job posting searching for a project director, according to tech experts.

That quiet announcement gave away solid indications that Google is in full support mode for the completion of the ongoing Motorola Mobility mission that in the following months would deliver the X-Phone, experts said.

Apart from issuing its Nexus gadget lines, Google is equally channelling vast amount of its resources to shore up the company it bought for billons of dollars. The tech giant is doing so by developing a smartphone that will soon flash the best available hardware and the latest stock version of Android.

According to Android Community, the X-Phone is a 1080p handset that will likely sport a screen size no lower than five inches. To generate power for the device is the fastest quad-core processor that Motorola can find, which expectedly should work in tandem with a healthy serving of RAM, likely 3GB or more.

It was reported too that Motorola intends to wow with look, power and durability and on the latter note, the X-Phone will have a Kevlar chassis for maximum protection of all the components squeezed on its board.

In there, Motorola will include 128GB of memory plus an expansion slot for more space and to power up everything is a 3000mAh battery, akin almost to the power source that came with tablet computers.

But the most notable attraction of the Motorola X-Phone is its camera snapper, according to Phone Arena.

There is a strong possibility that Motorola will use Sony's "Exmor RS camera sensor ... with hardwired HDR abilities in both pictures and video mode," for the X-Phone's main camera shooter, added the same report.

Obviously, both Google and Motorola are attempting to push the limit in terms of kicking up the camera capabilities of the X-Phone, attempting to provide more testosterone outside of the usual camera sensor megapixel race, experts said.

And to make the Motorola X-Phone a cut above the rest, it will be powered by Key Lime Pie - the latest Android version that Google will reportedly roll out between late May and early June this year.

Noting that KLP or Android 5.0 will be revealed during Google's I/O annual developers' conference in May, it is likely that the new Motorola handset will be simultaneously unwrapped with the upgraded mobile OS.

However, the X-Phone is not expected to retail until a few months after. By that time, Verizon will distribute the powerful Android Motorola phone starting at $US299, Phone Arena said on its report.

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