PS4’s Watch Dogs TV Spot Highlights Sharing, Optional Multiplayer Details and 5 Additional Modes

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Watch Dogs beta may have appeared and disappeared on the Xbox One--which may potentially be the biggest tease now in games--with some Redditors spotting placeholders for the beta. Here, Polygon even captured an image, wherein the designated download size is 23.07GB.

The screenshot seems legitimate enough, in the sense that it features one-on-one play on Xbox One, but also the two-to-eight-player multiplayer setup with Xbox Live Gold, the number of co-op players matching a new mode that will be discussed later on.

As for the PS4, Sony is taking advantage of the whole concept of sharing Aiden Pearce's journey when you use their next-gen console.

Though the video is pretty short, it does feature a few scenes from the game, as well as the blazing guns and the action that Pearce encounters. Sony's TV spot wittingly ends with, "Greatness is great when it's shared."

If you're looking for a longer trailer that features more of the gameplay and cinematic appeal of Watch Dogs, you can check out the official story trailer from Ubisoft. It's a mix of finding justice and hacking your way towards the bad guys. You can watch it right here.

Invasive Multiplayer can be Turned Off

Considering that Watch Dogs is pretty much the hacking game that lets you be the biggest nosy and invasive character that hacks into the system, you may not want to be the one hacked while you're playing the game.

In an interview with, Ubisoft's dev team and animation director Colin Graham talked about different ways by which Watch Dogs can bring about great things when you play the game. Already, the conversation has touched on the invasive multiplayer approach, where you need to watch your back because of possible hackers getting in one your game.

The report states that in the instance that you fail to kill a Blume Agent after hacking them, another player of Watch Dogs will be alerted to track and hack you, and ultimately kill you. It's like being on the edge of the edge, as far as paranoia and cautiousness is concerned.

Luckily for those who can't take that kind of pressure, the multiplayer feature has been reported to have the option of being turned off at will, at least according to Ubisoft's Danny Belanger.

Quoting a source, CVG reports that the multiplayer will be the left up to the player's choice. "All the online activities are just part of the menu. They're a choice," said Belanger in a stream event quoted by CVG. "But if someone is not into that... the can totally turn it off."

Five Modes for Competitive Play Revealed

Aside from the optional multiplayer mode, it seems that Ubisoft is also packing Watch Dogs with a number of additional modes for competitive play.

MP1st has spotted a preview of the potential modes, though still not playable at the moment. According to the source, there are three one-on-one modes, namely the CTOS Mobile App Challenge, the Online Hacking, and the Online Tailing.

Other modes include Decryption, which can feature anywhere between three to eight players, Online Racing, where you need two to eight players racing a variety of cars and even boats, and the announced free roam where a max of eight players can get in on the mode.

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