PS4’s Updates on the ‘Destiny’ Alpha Testing and Extended Run, Companion App and PS4 Exclusives

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Gamers Play a Game by Bungie Inc. at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Known as E3, in Los Angeles
IN PHOTO: Gamers play a game by Bungie Inc. at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California, June 10, 2014. REUTERS

Bungie's "Destiny" is shaping up quite nicely after the E3 2014 and the alpha test that's exclusive to PlayStation players.

"The 'Destiny' alpha was a small taste of all the things to come," said Jason Sussman, senior environment artist, via the PlayStation Blog Europe. "You got the open world, Explore Mode, a little bit of the campaign mission, the strike as well as the Crucible - which is our multiplayer mode."

Official "Destiny" E3 2014 trailer (via YouTube/destinygame)

But more than just giving players a taste of what they could enjoy once "Destiny" releases, the alpha testing, which was conducted far from the release date of 2014, has allowed the developers to do all the testing that they needed.

Bungie has admitted that the amount of data that they were able to gather is useful for making adjustments, balancing, and gaining insights into player behaviour.

Sussman has also teased that the alpha wasn't the last chance of players to get a taste of "Destiny." There's still the beta test to come "later" which will have different content compared to the alpha run.

And just recently, Bungie has teased via its official Twitter about dangerous experiments and an extension of the "Destiny" alpha run:

Alpha Testers can Get Companion App Bonus

Aside from the PS4 alpha run for "Destiny," there is also a companion app for the game as it joins the trends of having an app sync with your game.

DualShockers reports that the app is an improved version of Bungie Mobile, and it is available only for alpha testers of the game.

To get the companion app, you need to have an Android device and join the Bungle Google+ community via this link. After agreeing to the testing agreement, you can download the Bungie Mobile app or receive an update for those who already have it.

According to the report, there will be an iOS version of the app once "Destiny" launches, so it seems that even the improved Bungie Mobile app is also on an alpha run of its own for the meantime.

PlayStation Exclusives for "Destiny"

At launch, PS4 and PS3 gamers of "Destiny" will be getting some sweet exclusives, particularly the exclusive access to the three-player Dust Palace Strike, a co-op on Mars, the competitive map, and a number of weapons, gear, and vehicles, as detailed over at the PlayStation Blog.

The exclusive map is the Exodus Blue Competitive MP map where you can explore the Control and Skirmish game modes.

For gears, there are one per class, with Manifold seeker armor for the Warlock class, Vanir armor for the Titan class and durable Argus for the Hunter class. Exclusive weapons will include the Monte Carlo, a handcrafted assault rifle that will allow you to upgrade it for more effective hip fire and better close range firing. There's Hawkmoon, a cannon and formidable weapon.

Lastly, there are three exclusive ships for PS4 and PS3 players, namely the hulled Aurora Wake armed with arcane instruments, Crypt Hammer which is an insertion variant for carrying Guardians across space and Outrageous Fortune, which is the rugged explorer ship.

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