PS4’s Superiority Over Xbox One from One Dev and More Details on Unannounced Game

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The talk on the PS4's superiority over the Xbox One when it comes to its hardware performance has always been touted, but with the new improvements and updates that Microsoft has been doing for the Xbox One, there has been talk about the latter's progressive closing of the performance gap with its biggest rival.

As though bursting this bubble, indie developer and CEO of Just Add Water Stewart Gilray said in an interview quoted by Videogamer that this is not true. In fact, to quote, it's even "physically impossible" for the Xbox One to even close the gap with the PS4 when it comes to graphical performance.

Gilray even goes as far as saying that what another developer had previously said about the Xbox One was not true in the slightest.

"I spoke to Lorne afterwards and what he meant when speaking to that guy was that budgets, schedules and perceived differences would narrow. NOT that the Xbox One performance is improving to align with PS4, that is just physically impossible," said Gilray in an interview quoted by Videogamer.

It seems that because of the better memory and more powerful computing units, the PS4 remains top-notch, though Microsoft's planned updates may help in alleviating the resources that are currently being disseminated to power a number of Xbox One functions.

New Sony Bend project to feature human AI behavior

There are a number of expected games coming out for the PS4, but one of the teased but never revealed or expounded on games supposedly from Sony Bend Studios now gets more information.

Spotted by DualShockers, the information comes from the most recent job ad for a senior AI programmer, whose main responsibility involves the development of complex human AI behaviors for a title by Bend Studio.

The position also involves knowledge in "path-finding, behavior execution, and autonomous decision making," as well as experience in current and next-gen game experience and UNREAL technology. This already hints at the inclusion of the PS4 in the platforms that the title will be releasing to. 

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