PS4’s Media Apps Better Than All-in-One Xbox One, Curve Studios and Other PS4 Games Coming; PS3 to Get Mandatory 4.55 Firmware Update

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When the Xbox One was first detailed to be a gaming and entertainment box in one, it received quite an amount of flak for pushing aside its most important function, which is supposed to be gaming.

Thus, the PS4 was able to get a better spotlight for being gamer friendly. But looking at the media components beyond gaming for both consoles, it seems that what Microsoft has first set out to focus on has not even given it the edge it's supposed to be enjoying.

Business Insider reports that after a comparison of the PS4 and the Xbox One, as well as the last-gen consoles PS3 and Xbox 360, it seems that the Xbox One has taken even a backseat to its biggest rival in terms of its media components.

*"The Order: 1886" is taking on a no multiplayer stance: Read more details about the PS4 exclusive here.

According to the report, the Xbox One has a number of issues for its non-gaming properties, including the lack of support outside America, playback problems and even issues for Netflix. In addition, it lacks DLNA support, and while this is also lacking in the PS4, this is already being worked on, as confirmed by Yoshida late 2013 in an update after the PS4's launch.

Not to rain on the Xbox One's parade, but the report does raise a good question: with a higher price compared to the PS4 and an entire generation of technology supposedly ahead of the PS3, why does the Xbox One seem to pale in comparison with its rivals in an area that it has supposedly focused on?

'Stealth Inc.' Ultimate Edition Coming to the PS4

Curve Studios has finally announced the Ultimate Edition for "Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark" for the PS4. This will include the two DLC expansions, The Teleporter Chambers and The Lost Clones, each of which will have 20 levels, leaderboards and trophies.

This edition will land on the PS4 come March and will be exclusive for the platform for a while. However, this also means that it will not be a Cross-buy title, but Curve Studios has reassured fans that they are looking for ways to create discounts instead for those who already own the game.

*There's more to expect from "Titanfall" even after the launch, as Respawn plans to add more features that are tailored for the Xbox One: Check out the full story here.

That's not all. Curve Studios has also teased that it will be announcing four PlayStation games in the coming 4 weeks of February. There were no details revealed on whether or not all or just some of these will be for the PS4, while the others will be devoted for the other PlayStation devices.

"We'll drop some more info in a few weeks about the price and release date for the Ultimate Edition, and next week we'll be announcing an indie game we're working on that's not only a first for PlayStation but also a first for the PC, as well," said the developer.

More than Curve Studios' upcoming games, there are also some screenshots circulating online that point to possible PS4 games that have yet to be announced. DualShockers has gotten its hands on the screenshots from a Sony event, which shows off the PS4 versions of games like "Dream C Club," "Host Girls on Stage," "Octodad: Deadliest Catch" and "Strider," to name a few.

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New Firmware Update, This Time for the PS3

After Sony released PS4 firmware update 1.60, the PS3 is getting the same treatment with the mandatory 4.55 update.

According to PlayStation Universe, this new update is around 195 MB and will be bringing in stability improvements for the PS3. In addition, there has also been a report where the update will also reel in the Blu-ray player, enhancements for the content of the Blu-ray and a DVD check.

Gearnuke adds that it will also bring in updates for online play, making the update mandatory for PS3 owners.

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