PS4 vs. Xbox One; Twitch to Debut with 'Titanfall'; Japan Launch a Success, More Games Coming to the PS4

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Starting March 11, the Twitch integration into the Xbox One console will finally be available to players.

"Only Xbox One offers the most complete Twitch experience, with access to any live broadcast and the full Twitch catalog," said corporate VP of marketing in Xbox Yusuf Mehdi over at the Xbox Wire. "We've designed Xbox One to be the best place to play with features and unparalleled partnerships that deliver epic moments for gamers," he added.

Once Twitch integration becomes available on the Xbox One, users only need to complete a one-time setup for their Twitch account and they can then begin broadcasting with the voice command "Xbox Broadcast" using the Kinect.

The awaited feature of video feed and audio commentary will now be possible, so gamers can connect to their friends and followers online and stream and view anyone's videos using the Xbox One. Interaction during broadcast is also allowed through comments, verbal responses or assignment of a moderator for smooth chatting.

Those who are bent on gaining Media Achievements can also receive some just by spectating via Twitch. And given that the timing is just up the alley of "Titanfall," there will surely be massive video feeds and commentaries of the game once the new Twitch feature launches on the Xbox One.

PS4 Makes Waves in Japan During Weekend Launch

In 2 days, the PS4 sales count rose up to over 322,000, as the Japanese launch proved successful over the weekend. The number alone is a big jump from the PS3 launch sales, which Polygon reports to be 88,443.

It's interesting to note that Sony has provided different bundles over in Japan, with a standard PS4 console and controller and one that is bundled with the PS4 Eye camera. Both bundles seem to come with a free copy of "Knack."

So far, the reported number of PS4 consoles sold worldwide has been tagged to 5.3 million units, and adding the successful launch (and counting) in Japan can propel the PS4's sales forward in the coming months. This may be the efforts of the PS4 in trying to match, or at least get into the same groove as the way the PS2 was able to sell over 150 million units way back in 2000.

"I believe it's possible to expand the popularity of the PS4 by providing a rich gaming experience and making use of the fusion of network service and high performance that is possible only on home consoles," said Hiroshi Kawano, president of SCE Japan and Asia to DualShockers.

This may be the opportune moment for the PS4 to start announcing its line-up of games, wherein it was previously reported that Sony's next-gen console will release 100 games in 2014.

Gio Corsi, director of Third Party Production for Sony PlayStation, the arm which works with publishing partners for third-party IPS for the PlayStation franchise, has just announced that there will be news coming for Sony's next-gen.

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