PS4 vs. Xbox One: PS4’s New Bug Involves Friends List; Xbox One Update May Bring Improved Performance

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Just recently, a new bug in the PS4 has been spotted that automatically deletes games and files without leaving notifications, which can cause panic for some gamers.

Now, the string of bugs is continuing, as a new bug is supposedly messing with the Friends List on the PS4. What's disappointing here is that the bug may have been caused by the latest firmware update from Sony.

Now Gamer has spotted the complaints over at Reddit, where users are reporting that their friends list is being affected by the firmware 1.6. In particular, the PS4 friends list is not displaying the correct information.

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There's also a mismatch of information, wherein the PS4 displays a player as online when he is not. Inversely, this does not seem to allow you to display the online status correctly. According to the source, the forum users have attributed the PS4 bugs to the firmware 1.6.

You'll need to manually download the Xbox One's update

The Xbox One is finally getting an update, but it seems that you would have to download it manually to get started.

Kotaku reports that an automatic download is still possible, but it's not assured to work, so it would be better if you manually accept the Xbox One update.

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The February 11 download, which has been much-awaited as it is supposed to fill in the gaps that have been with the Xbox One since its launch late last year. TIME lists down a few of the features that will come with the update.

The first would be the ability to monitor and manage the storage space left in your Xbox One. It was one of the bigger problems that gamers had to contend with, considering that the notification for full storage space only appears when you are already running low, meaning you'd have to be prepared to suddenly erase something in the event of low storage and high influx of cool games.

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According to the report, this new features will instantly give you how much space a content takes up in the Xbox One so that you can better manage it instead of a blind guessing game of deleting files. Along with this is the capability of controlling the install lineup when you're downloading. The queues for My Games and My Apps will now be separated for a smoother flow.

Also, the battery power indicator will make a comeback so you can track the battery left for your controller. The update will also allow you to use the USB keyboard with the Xbox One.

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