PS4 vs. Xbox One: PS4 Update Gets Ninja Bots for The Playroom, Xbox One PC Driver Functionality Still On

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The PS4's The Playroom has not been as broadcasted as much after it was introduced as having augmented reality features with its bots back during the release of the PS4.

However, for those who were able to snag a PS4 Eye Camera to go with their consoles, a new free update has been released by Sony for The Playroom, which now allows Ninja Bots in the game.

According to GameSpot, the Ninja Bots can let four players race with The Playroom, and they will be armed with shurikens while the enemy bots will be blocking and coming their way. The goal is to collect coins as players race through the course.

Since Ninja Bots is in The Playroom, gamers will need the PlayStation Eye camera, which is currently pretty hard to find, according to a number of sources and players.

Careful with Using the DualShock 4 on the PS3

Another issue coming up among players is that the use of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller while using the PS3 may result in a player accidentally buying an item or two at the PSN Store.

The Escapist got wind of an incident, which is currently being discussed in a forum online. Apparently, the users who have experienced the issue have been playing "Dark Souls II" using the two devices and have reported that despite the mistake, they were told by Sony that a refund will not be issued.

The more interesting issue here is that the possible cause of the purchase is that the DualShock 4 controller may actually be able to control the PS3 and the PS4 at the same time. It seems that in the two instances wherein the accidental purchase had happened, the PS4 consoles of the owners were also turned on.

This isn't a common problem, but at least it's good to note that it can happen, so prevention or at least precautionary measures may help.

Xbox One PC Drivers for the Controllers Still Coming

To dispel any rumours that may be circulating about the Xbox One, Microsoft has already released a statement regarding the PC drivers for the Xbox One controllers: Yes, they are still coming.

IGN relays the story on the rumour that has popped up, wherein there were claims that the promised PC drivers were no longer coming to Xbox One controllers.

In response, Albert Penello, Microsoft's director of product planning, has responded in a statement quoted by IGN, "This [rumour] is 100% wrong. When the drivers become available, they will work with the existing controllers. There is no plan to do a new, separate controller that only works on Windows. It will be the same as it is on Xbox 360—the Xbox One controller you have today will work."

After the PC drivers arrive on the Xbox One, gamers can then use the controller to play PC games via the supported controller. The function is expected to be released in 2014, though an exact release date has not yet been specified.

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