PS4 vs. Xbox One: A Look at the PlayStation 4 System Update 1.62 vs. the April Update

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After the well-received March update, which was highlighted by the improvements that were made to the Xbox One in time for the Titanfall launch, Microsoft has recently detailed the next wave of features that can be expected for the April update.

Microsoft has previously invited a number of Xbox Live members to check out the system updates beforehand, and they were also the same members who were able to sample the new features coming to the Xbox One.

Major Nelson has detailed a number of these new features, which is a total of six new features coming to the next-gen console.

The first is game and app saves and updates, which allows a player to see the status of game saves, as well as easily see what games and apps are being updated or have been recently updated. This will be available via the game save progress bar.

Friend improvements will also be coming in the April update, where notifications for friends and favorites will be available upon signing in to Xbox Live. Friends in multiplayer will also now be identified in the friends' list while the view friends' most popular apps will also be enabled.

To resolve video playback issues for those in Europe, the April update will also be adding the Blu-ray 50 Hz video output support for content with 50 Hz. Kinect improvement for voice and motion will also be available, mostly as fine tunings for the commands on the Xbox One.

Other additions in the April update include new audio settings, updates to the Xbox One device management, and improved GameDVR video quality.

Microsoft has also promised that there will be more invitations for Xbox Live members coming in before the April update becomes available. One more addition that didn't quite make the April cut but is still on the way is the external hard drive storage.

"We value all of the feedback we are getting from you. We know external hard drive storage is still a big one and we've promised before it's on our list--I assure you that it still is. We'll continue regular updates to Xbox One," said Major Nelson over at his blog.

The PlayStation 1.62 update already out, but just for stabilization

Just like the Xbox One, the PS4 also has its own system software update, the 1.62 update that has just been released.

DualShockers spotted the new update, but it seems like there won't be any new additions besides stability purposes, particularly for some software used by the PS4.

The update is just 336MB, and according to the source, there won't be any noticeable changes in the user interface. It's definitely a pretty minor patch, and one that still doesn't have the promised Blu-Ray Playback feature.

So far, the last word on the 3D Blu-Ray update is that even Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida is also not sure when it will arrive on the PS4.

"Sorry, we do not know yet," was the last response that Yoshida made to a an query on the Blu-Ray compatibility update from last January. Official PlayStation Magazine reports that a possible reason why the 3D Playback support is still lacking is that the VR headset for the PS4 is very much actively in progress--and one that is expected to be seen come the GDC.

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