PS4 Updates: Stats Updated to 6M Sold Units, 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Misses 1,080p Run, 'DriveClub' Release Date Revealed

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The PS4 continues to dominate in terms of sales, as it tops its record to 6 million units sold after PS4 Japan launch last Feb 22. The 6 million count is for its worldwide sales, and it seems to have widened the gap with the Xbox One, which is currently only at 4 million.

In addition to this, Sony has announced its statistics over at the PlayStation Blog, reporting figures of 13.7 million PS4 games that have been sold and 90 per cent of PS4 players going online.

As far as online broadcasts and streams go, the PS4 now has 3.6 million live broadcasts, 56 million spectate sessions via Twitch and Ustream, and 20 per cent of daily broadcasters on Twitch being PS4 players.

"Developers are beginning to take advantage of PS4's new interactive live broadcasting gaming features, integrating modes that allow broadcasted gameplay to become interactive for spectators. Even as a viewer, you can now influence livestreamed gameplay," said John Koller, VP of marketing for home consoles and handheld platforms on the PlayStation Blog.

It sounds almost like the PS4 is gearing up for a potential "Twitch Plays Pokemon" phenomenon on the PS4, if ever that becomes possible. This can be seen in "Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition," which allows Broadcast+ mode, where the player can stream the gameplay while viewers on the PS4 or the Web can positively or negatively affect the gameplay. Hopefully, more games featuring this application will be introduced.

Sony in Hot Water Over Misleading 1,080p for 'Killzone: Shadow Fall'?

With the resolution gate now running high between the PS4 and Xbox One, it seems that Sony has just been called out for misleading players for its upcoming multiplayer for "Killzone: Shadow Fall."

According to IGN, reports have pointed to the multiplayer of the title not being a native 1,080p and 60 FPS, as previously claimed by Sony. While the single player is at 1,080p, the multiplayer makes use of framebuffer 960 x 1,080 instead of the 1,920 x 1,080.

It seems that the reason why the overall lowered resolution does not take away from the experience is that there have been effects via computational perspective that have allowed the upscale to work as efficiently as it does.

Still, in the report and in many other sources, "Killzone: Shadow Fall" has received praise, regardless of the resolution. PlayStation Europe has even proudly tweeted:

This begs the question of whether or not the resolution gate is really a big deal and an even bigger question of why the Xbox One seem to get into the spotlight for being on the lower end of the resolution battle.

'DriveClub' Possible Release Date Leaked

Over at NeoGAF, users are now buzzing about a new image captured by someone over at PS Nation.

"I was checking on DriveClub's Twitter feed just 20 minutes ago, and when I checked back on it, it said 1 new Tweet, so I clicked on it. When I did, this showed up, I screen capped it then frantically went to Google to find if it had been announced anywhere else. When I got back the tweet wasn't there," said user 100mph.

Users are speculating on whether "9.4.2014" could either be April or September judging by the UK vs. U.S. date format. Given that "DriveClub" has been delayed as a PS4 launch title, a September release date may be a bit too long, so April is a big possibility going by the screencap tweet.

One NeoGAF user, Colonel Nasty, has stated that if the release date is in September, it can run into the "Forza Horizon 2" for the Xbox One, which is rumoured to release in September at 1,080p. That could mean big competition for the title, so a safer bet is the closer release date.

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