PS4 Updates: Rumoured PS Plus Games for March; Limited 'MGSV: Ground Zeroes' PS4 Console Confirmed

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The earlier teaser about a collaboration between the PS4 and "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" has just been confirmed, as SCE Japan officially announced the themed Fox Edition PlayStation 4 bundle.

The PS4 bundle will have a console emblazoned with the Fox emblem and a "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" logo on the right side of the console. Gematsu adds that the bundle will also include a copy of the game.

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The bundle is set for launch in Japan on March 20, but it still has not yet been listed in Sony stores outside Japan. It may be that the Fox Edition PS4 will come a little later on, hopefully, for fans of the game.

In addition to the Fox-themed PS4, GameSpot adds that the resolution of the game has already been confirmed, and again, this will be another resolution gate issue. The PS4 is set to have a native resolution of 1,080p, while the Xbox One is again slated for a 720p, both of which are set on a 60 fps run. As for the PS3 and Xbox 360, the resolutions will be upscaled to 720p and will run at 30 fps.

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The difference between the PS4 and Xbox One has already been hinted by series creator Hideo Kojima, when he said that the PS4 version of "Ground Zeroes" will look slightly better.

PS Plus Games for March Leaked

With just a few days left for February, it's expected that the leaks of the next batch of PS Plus games, this time for March, will already be making a few rounds. PlayStation Lifestyle has spotted a report that lists down the games coming out for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

The original source, GamePointsNow, has been accurate for the February lineup, so there is a big chance that the following games coming this March for Europe will also be a good hit.

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The PS4 will be getting "Dead Nation," which is a shooter zombie game from Housemarque, originally released for the PS3 last 2010. There have been no announcements or hints that it was coming to the PS4, although it was previously reported by NowGamer that Housemarque had commented on an unannounced PS4 exclusive last January.

"At the moment, we are working on Resogun DLC and another PS4 project," Resogun posted on its Facebook page.

Whether or not Housemarque was referring to the port of "Dead Nation" remains to be officially stated by the developer, or at least be confirmed by Sony as the PS4 freebie for March.

The PS3 will be getting "Tomb Raider" and "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons," while the PS Vita will get "Smart As..." and "Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD."

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