PS4 Updates: PS4 Emulation for PS1, PS2 News, Layoffs and Hires for Restructuring, 'Uncharted 4' Director Leaves

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In an earlier report, insider Ahsan Rasheed, a.k.a. @thuway, started a rumour on SCE's goals of having a PSOne and PS2 emulation for the PS4.

Now, it seems that there are more details about this, with DualShockers gathering much of the information. According to the report, it seems that the promised 1,080p resolution does exist on some level, though that doesn't apply for all, as there are still some that are considered to be "terribly buggy single FPS garbage," to quote @thuway.

"Sony doesn't want to ship a half-baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features," @thuway adds, pushing forward the notion that Sony has a particular standard for quality.

This may mean more time waiting until the emulation does make an appearance, but @thuway also reiterates that if people want to get the emulation, they need to be vocal about it to Sony, as the company is already listening to feedback regarding the OS and other updates.

'Uncharted 4' Game Director Follows in Leaving Naughty Dog

"Uncharted 4" is one of the awaited games for the PS4, and despite the lack of a release date, it remains to be one of the anticipated games coming in for Sony's next-gen.

But it seems that another one of the main players for the game is leaving, as IGN reports that Justin Richmond, game director for "Uncharted 4," has left Naughty Dog.

"I have, in fact, made the decision to leave Naughty Dog. I love the company and the people and know that they will continue to create awesome games going forward," said Richmond to IGN. "On a happier note, after careful consideration and exploration, I have joined Riot Games. There is some really innovative stuff going on here that I can't wait to be a part of."

According to an update, Sony has also released its own statement assuring fans that even with Richmond's departure, the production and progress of "Uncharted 4" will not be affected.

Layoffs and Hiring: Where is Sony Headed?

It seems like lately, Sony is having people leave the company to start other opportunities, but according to Worlds Factory, this may not be entirely the case.

Taking a hint from insider @thuway, the report quotes him on what may be happening within Sony with the surprising news of layoffs hitting wave after wave.

"What I can say is—Europe is having a reset button pushed and the entire spectrum from top to bottom is being reshuffled for efficiency," said @thuway via Twitter, as quoted by Worlds Factory.

Efficiency here is deemed to be an improved workflow, a more solid direction in terms of narratives in gaming and a clear goal that the entire Sony company as a team will push forward towards. While there are some studios that @thuway supposedly said "are expected" when it comes to the layoffs, the timing is pretty surprising, considering that Sony has just announced a number of games coming out for the PS4 and the fact that it is doing pretty well overall in terms of the console wars.

But it is also interesting that, now that the focus has turned towards the upcoming games more than the hardware itself, this may be where the problems (and the resulting layoffs) are coming from, to which @thuway supplies:

So far, it seems that the restructuring is being seen as a norm that should be expected when it happens. And now that it does, surely all eyes will be turned towards what Sony will do next so it will maintain its relevance—and potential advantage—as the console wars now turn to the games.

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