PS4 Updates: PlayStation Now Starting On Beta; Outlast Details For PS4; Sony’s Profitability Questioned

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PlayStation Now invites have been sent for the first wave of testers who can enjoy the private beta.

DualShockers got hold of a copy of the invite, which says the PlayStation now will be best experienced if the PS3 is using the Ethernet cable to connect with the router. Also, the Internet should be at least 5 mbps or higher.

As usual, there is a signed nondisclosure agreement for invited guests. The report states those who were invited for the first wave have already signed up for the PlayStation Now newsletter previously, so the next wave would also come from there.

Check the link above to view the invite.

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Outlast To Run At 60 FPS Puts It At PC Quality

With Outlast making a debut on the PS Plus for February, one of the touted scariest games will have all of its details close at 60 fps for the PS4.

Gamingbolt has touched base with Philippe Morin of Red Barrels to know more about what gamers can expect on the PS4 version of the game. It was revealed that Outlast will not only run at 60 fps but will also have a 1080 p resolution.

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Despite having reported issues in the past with PS4's CPU (allegedly lower than a high-end PC), the report said Outlast will not run with any problems given its resolution. If anything, it was reported that Outlast versions for both PS4 and the PC are pretty much the same.

Is Sony's Other Products Bringing Its Profitability Down?

PS4 is pretty much a high driving force in Sony's sales, and may be the one that's keeping up the sales. But even then, Sony's other products are struggling to stay in the surface amid other competition.

Not surprisingly, the area of TVs and PCs are fast eating into Sony's profits with a lot of new names and brands tapping into the industry.

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"Sony's profitability is likely to remain weak and volatile, as we expect the majority of its core consumer electronics business--such as TVs, mobile, digital cameras and personal computers--to continue to face significant downward earnings pressure," Moody's Investor Services said to Forbes.

The new entertainment services that Sony is coming out with, such as the PlayStation Now, can help in pulling in more sales since they are trying to connect the different Sony devices.

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