PS4 Updates: More Reports Point to VR Headset at GDC, Mercenary Kings Dropping in April; PS Store Discounts COD Games

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Sony has hinted a number of surprises for GDC, and one of the devices that currently keep popping up alongside the event is Sony's VR headset.

While there has been no official announcement from Sony as for the reveal of Sony's headset, which has been slated to rival the Oculus Rift and provide a new way to play the PS4, a new report has surfaced touting the possibility of a GDC appearance.

Edge reports that unidentified developers who are working with the technology have already received a prototype of the device. What's even more interesting is that Sony's VR headset may be more impressive compared to the Oculus Rift, which has been shown off and documented for quite a while now.

As for what will be showcased at GDC, there may not be a lot of software to go with, but a tech demo may be prepared enough to be showcased at the event. In addition, the report also states that VR technology in gaming, at least as a platform for the PS4 is still very much limited and has to grow quite a lot to break out from its niche appeal. But at least this "wait and see" development will be accessible to the public, hopefully at GDC.

Mercenary Kings debuting in April

Forget about April Fools' Day--once calendars hit April, there's one game that you know isn't kidding around on the PS4.

Tribute Games has just announced over at the PlayStation Blog that Mercenary Kings will debut on Sony's next-gen console on April 1. The side-scroller game puts action and adventure in a more colourful fashion, as it puts you take on the mission of rescuing Dr. James Neil from the forces of the Cyber Loyalist Active Weapons and prevent him from basically taking over the world.

"You can be a lone wolf if you dare, or assemble your own team of mercenaries to take down C.L.A.W.! Your crew can have up to four players, whether it's on your couch or online," said Yannick Belzil, writer at Tribute Games.

The game will feature more than 300 gun parts, 100 knives, crafting capabilities for machine guns with mega-ammos or quick-reload pistols.

No announcements have been yet as of the pricing just yet, but there will surely be more news leading to the release date.

Save on Call of Duty: Discounts offered at the PS Store

Over at the PlayStation Blog Europe, a two-week sale on Call of Duty games has already started. The PlayStation Store has already been updated with the discounts for various COD games, which will last until March 25.

The sale includes game titles as well as DLCs of the franchise. Season pass bundles are also offered and the platform availability of discounted items extend to the PS4--so this is a great chance for aspiring COD first-timers to try out Ghosts and its DLCs on the PS4.

The games and bundles on discount for the PS4 include a copy of COD Ghosts, now at AU$69.95/£37.99 and Ghosts and a Season Pass Bundle now at $129.95/£69.99.

For the PS3, you can get Ghosts for AU$64.95/£34.99, COD Ghosts and the Season Pass Bundle at AU$129.95/£64.99, Black Ops II or Black Ops both at AU$29.95/£19.99, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare at AU$24.95/£15.99, Modern Warfare 3 at AU$29.95/£19.99, Modern Warfare 2 at AU$24.95/£15.99, and Call of Duty Classic at AU$17.95/£9.69,

There's a long list of discounted DLCs, which you can check out at the link above.

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