PS4 Updates: ‘Destiny,’ ‘Planetside 2’ and ‘Killzone’ Dev Game All Looking Great on the PS4

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"Killzone Shadow Fall" is not the only title that Guerilla Games is working on for the PS4. And even though the developers are coming fresh from working on the title, particularly with the Intercept DLC, the new title IP is something that will take a different route from "Killzone Shadow Fall."

What's great about this new IP is that, compared to "Killzone Shadow Fall," which is pretty much a launch title where the developers had to test the waters, Eurogamer reports that the new IP may have a smoother flow in terms of production.

But as far as details are concerned, the guys at Guerilla Games are keeping mum as much as they can. The only real detail known about it is that it may be an open world RPG that's already been in development for quite a while.

"It's really awesome! It's exciting times. If I even say one word, people will kill me," said Poria Torkan, producer at Guerilla Games, to Eurogamer.

"Destiny" Gameplay Trailer Showcases New Elements

Sony has just released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming title "Destiny." Though not a PS4 exclusive IP, there are some perks for those who are getting the title on the PlayStation platforms, as the PS4 and PS3 will have early beta access for the game.

"Everything feels really tight and responsive, but there's things that they might not be used to yet like the vertical movement modes, the double tapping, "said Lars Bakken, lead designer, in the Destiny on PS4 video guide.

Another interesting point that was brought up was the kind of customization that gamers can do with their characters for "Destiny." According to the developer, customization is not just a series of pushing buttons, but an almost marketplace feel to it-as it also requires socialization and conversation among other players. This is an interesting aspect of the game, though hopefully, the studio will be able to detail these new features soon.

Check out the trailer and learn more about the direction that "Destiny" is going to. The title is shaping up to be an interesting and unpredictable ride, for all its social-inclined features are worth.

Destiny on the PS4 guide (via YouTube/sonyplaystation) 

"Planetside 2" Teased in a New Snapshot

"Planetside 2" is shaping up to be a pretty good game for the PS4, if a new screenshot from obtained by Pushquare is anything to go by. This comes in time for another emphasis on the fact that the game will be playable at the E3 2014.

"We've just been cranking on our E3 version that will be hands-on playable, said Clint Worley, executive producer of "Planetside 2," as quoted by Pushsquare.

If that's not enough, CVG reports that a new update for the title allows for character implants and stat boosts. It seems that the implants will come from drops after dealing with the team's goals, executing kills or destroying vehicles. For those who are willing to pay, the implants will also be available on the Station Cash store.

Apart from the implants, the update will also do some tweaks for the Media Class, the Howling Pass Region and other features of "Planetside 2."

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