PS4 Updates: AU, Europe, North America Retailers Stock Up; PSN Taken Down Temporarily by Hacker Group?

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After the holiday rush, there are still a number of people who are trying to find the best deal or even just a good offer for the PS4 console. There seems to be a shorter list of retail stores that have already opened pre-orders for the PS4 console when compared to the Xbox One.

Though again, whether this means that the demand for the PS4 is far higher than the Xbox One is yet to be put down to actual figures.

Jumpstarting the 2014 PS4 stocks watch, here are some of the retailers that have recently opened up their orders for Sony's next-gen console.

*Here's a cool feature you should try with the PS4: Control the PS4 Netflix app with the iOS or Android Netflix app. Read here to know the details.

Amazon and Amazon UK both have bundles that are back in stock. While majority of the bundles are available from third party sellers, Amazon UK has the PS4 "Killzone: Shadow Fall" bundle in stock on Jan 10.

On the other hand, Amazon has a number of bundles being sold, starting from about $520 for the regular PS4 console bundle to game and accessory bundles priced as high as $895.98 such as the PS4 console, "Madden NFL 25" and "FIFA 14" bundle. Check out the bundles in the link above. has a good deal on the PS4, as the system, plus 1-year PS Plus membership and even a $10 PSN credit is available for the base price of $399.99, discounted from $499.99.

Newegg also carries the PS4 standard edition console for $399.99. There is a limit of one PS4 console per customer. Compared to the last set-up at Newegg, where buyers needed to get another accessory or game to create a bundle from the basic to order it, they can just opt for the PS4 Standard Edition.

In Australia, EB Games has brought back the PS4 console pre-order for only $549, though this already has a February 2014 shipment. Other hot buys that have just gotten stock for EB Game Australia includes the PS4 DualShock 4 extra controller, each for $99.95 and the PS4 Camera at $89.95.

*The Xbox One almost had no disc drive---would a purely digital-only console have worked? Read here for more.

PSN Hacked by DERP Group?

Those who may have been frustrated over down times during the holiday season for the PlayStation Network may have thought that the heavy traffic may have extended to the first week of January.

But according to PlayStation Lifestyle, it may have been the work of a hacker group who made a big mistake. The report states that the hacker group that calls themselves DERP was actually targeting "PlanetSide 2," but unintentionally caused "DC Universe Online" and the PSN to go offline.

*Rockstar has handpicked some more "GTA 5 Online" jobs that players may want to take part in. Read the details here.

The PSN is already up and running and the downtime cannot be proved if it really was done by the hacker group, with only the word of the hackers as "proof."

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