PS4 Unveiled: A Unique Gaming Experience, DualShock 4 Controller, 3D Camera, 8GB Memory & More


It's official. Fans can breathe easy because the Sony PlayStation 4 is out of the drawing board and has taken the stage at the Sony event Wednesday night. There is something to look forward to starting now.

At the event, Mark Cerny, the lead architect on the PS4 team, talked about the creation of the PlayStation 4, which, according to TechCrunch, began way before its predecessor reached the point of saturation.

And now, the next-gen console is bringing a lot on the table-starting with a brand new user experience that should, supposedly, trump an arms race of new gadgetry.

This doesn't mean that the next-gen is a recycle of past success. BBC reports that the PS4 will have a new DualShock 4 controller, which has a touchpad and a lightbar for the 3D camera.

Gamers will also enjoy the comfort of pausing a game and sharing a selected clip file of the game they played, which they can then upload and boast to in their social media accounts. So the next time you hit that hard-to-achieve combo while playing alone, you can give your friends the glaring proof.

Best of all, this happens even while you're back in your game, without wasting a moment of the experience.

The PS4 also rolls in a few changes that can make the console a joy to develop games for developers and an even bigger joy for gamers to experience.

According to TechCrunch, the next-gen console is an x86-based personal computer and has an 8GB worth of memory, a clear response to the last-gen's complex platform when it comes to building games with. This can potentially mean faster and a sheer increase in development of games, which can be great for business and players alike.

The Guardian also reports that Dave Perry, the founder of Gaikai, was quoted saying that the PS4 controller is like a real-time sharing device that makes game-time a co-op experience.

"Your friends will be able to look over your shoulder and interact with you virtually," Perry says to The Guardian regarding the game play mechanics. The best part here is that, since you can watch each other's game in real-time, help for strategy games can easily come your way.

In addition, the PS4 is also taking its cue from current smartphone devices, allowing gamers to connect with their other devices like tablets and smartphones using the console. Might this mean a potential off-site gaming experience just waiting to be developed?

If those specs and new add-ons already got your fingers twitching to try the new console, Kotaku reports that gamers can expect the PS4 to be released this November in the US, although prices are still to be announced.

But fans can look forward to what is shaping up to be a thrilling experience in gaming offered by the PS4.

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