PS4 Temporary Light Bar Fix, Numbers Game Show 1.5 to 1 Ratio with Xbox One in UK; Basement Crawl Delayed

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After the official announcement from Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida, it seemed pretty hopeless for gamers to have any chance of removing the light bar on the PS4 DualShock 4.

Over at PSNation, administrator Chris has found a handy solution for it. Though it does not cover the light bar entirely, these decals allow you to blur the light a bit and even choose which design you prefer from the options.

"I was looking around online for information regarding the DualShock 4's lightbar and how that may affect your gaming, some people have noted that it's causing some glare/reflection especially those with glossy TV displays, and some people just don't like it being one all the time.... especially if you're like me and you don't have a PlayStation Eye Camera," said the PSNation member.

The link above features a few images. You can choose from the PlayStation symbol, the stylized PS4 writing, the Sony brand name, and [CLAN].

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There are also links to where you can get these decals for both the U.S. and the UK. Now if only a retailer can create decals that are personalised so players can enjoy having their names on the light bar.

A winner in next-gen, not so much last-gen?

The numbers count for the PS4 and Xbox One has put Sony's next-gen console in the lead again. The more recent count now comes from the sales in the UK, where the supposed ratio of sales of the PS4 to Xbox One is now at 1.5 to 1.

According to GameSpot, Sony UK's Fergal Gara had announced the numbers in a London event. However, the report also mentions that the figures regarding the previous generations, Xbox 360 and PS3, have not been well for the PS4 predecessor.

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It seemed like a far cry between the two last-gen consoles, with the PS3 even reaching a new low in terms of sales. But at the very least Sony and Gara are aware of the issue at hand and the need to get back support from the UK consumer base. Proof of this new growth and recovery in the UK market is that Sony has experienced a growth of almost 20% to put it at 40% in sales for both home and handheld gaming devices within a two-year timeline.

Basement Crawl delayed to be part of something "better"

The creepy strategy game Basement Crawl should have already been released, but developer Bloober Team had delayed its PS4 debut in order to be part of something even more exciting.

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"It has nothing to do with Microsoft, Basement Crawl is PS4 exclusive. Game was 100% ready and good to go, but we can be a part of something really, really cool and it forced us to delay the game. I know it sucks for those of you that were waiting, but you won't be disappointed," Bloober Team said over at Reddit.

However, IGN reports that despite the delay, the release date for Basement Crawl has not moved from the first quarter timeframe, so the latest that it can be released would be sometime March.

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