PS4 Summer 2014 Game Line-up: Evil Within, Destiny and Indie Games Galore

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Here is a list of all the PlayStation 4 games currently scheduled to come before the summer of 2014 ends.

CounterSpy is a 2D action game by an independent studio founded by LucasArt and Pixar employees, Dynamighty. Expected to hit this summer, CounterSpy follows the adventures of an American spy during the Cold War. Stealth segments and over-the-shoulder gun fights will be incorporated in the game.

Destiny is one of the most anticipated PS4 games of 2014 and it is rumoured to be released on September 9.

Final Horizon is RTS/tower-defense game from Eiconic Games, and it appears like it will be the perfect download for the PS Vita.

Galak-Z seeks to capture the vibe of classic 1980's anime series focused on space, giant space robots and spaceships.

Helldivers is a twin-stick shooter scheduled to hit the PS4 this summer. Helldivers is similar to the Dead Nation: Apocalypse or Halo: Spartan Assault but it comes with addictive fun of loot games.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is about Detective Ronan O'Connor, who is trying to solve the mystery of his own murder. Release date will be on June 6.

OlliOlli, the 2D skateboarding game by Roll7 will come to the PS4 this summer.

Pavilion is a "fourth-person puzzler" by Visiontrick expected to come this summer. This game is not for those who prefer more action in games but it goes to show how diverse the indie game line-up of PS4 will be.  

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate by Double Eleven will support both cross-save and cross play functionality, which will allow users of both PS4 and PS Vita to hop between the two as desired.

Sniper Elite 3 by 505 Games is a game set in World War II, which casts players a sniper in various battles in North Africa. Sniper Elite 3 will be the first of the Sniper Elite titles to be released on a next gen platform, which will be released on July 1.

The Elder Scrolls Online by Bethesda will be released sometime this June and it will be one of the biggest games to hit this summer.

The Evil Within by Bethesda is a game that will follow Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he tries to fight his way out of the terrifying land where he awakens. Release date will be on August 29. 

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